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Sundays In Hope


by Marie Rennard



Pic: "Intérieur ouvrière du textile Nord" - © 1974 Jean-Claude Seine - Size: 22k
Intérieur ouvrière du textile Nord, 1974
© 1974 Jean-Claude Seine



(Swans - June 18, 2007)  

There was in your arms so much love.
So many dreams drowned in your eyes.
You were grabbing my heart
All along with the stone diving deep into yours.
How much I felt the weight.

Rich we felt—remember?
On Sunday afternoons.
Men, they were talking a silent chat.
We'd cleaned the whole dish and table
And at my copy book you used to have a look
Long writings you hardly could have spelled.
You'd close it in the end
And keep it here in proud
Confident it would help
To make my days stoneless.


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Marie Rennard on Swans (with bio).
Jean-Claude Quiqueré, better known as Jean-Claude Seine was born in 1944 in Gennevilliers, France. He's been a journalist and photo reporter since he was twenty years old, working for left-wing papers like l'Humanité, La Vie Ouvrière, Le Matin de Paris, Jeune Afrique, among many others. A member of the Snark International Agency with Agnès Varda and William Klein of the D.P.I. Agency in New York, he contributed to collective exhibitions and books about the life of workers such as, Un Mois de Mai Très Occupé, Edition Le Temps des Cerises, and Acteurs du Siècle, Editions Le Cercle d'Art. In 1968, he was a reporter for La Vie Ouvrière, and supplied photos of the working-class strikes and demonstrations. After traveling through the five continents, he now lives in Nîmes, in the South of France. Jean-Claude Seine maintains a Web Gallery where you can peruse over 1,000 photos.



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