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Polyhedron n.3: Moenia Mundi
G. M. Russo, P. Celan, M. Rukeyser, Lucretius


by Guido Monte and Francesca Saieva




dáchtylos améra
[short is the day]


Pic: "Threadless Way" - © 2004 Giovanni M. Russo - Size: 18k
Threadless Way
© 2004 Giovanni M. Russo



(Swans - June 18, 2007)  

non riesco più a vedere
il Suono che mi ha partorito,
Mo nanimo mienai
Watashiwa sono otokara umareta

Augen und Mund stehn so offen und leer
something like bringing the entire life
não consigo mais vero
Som que me pariu

moenia mundi discedunt
see how they dissolve -
La angau an araa al-ranin
alladi ualadani



[I can't see, no more,
the Sound that begot me,
I can't see, no more,
the Sound that begot me //
Our eyes and mouths open and empty
something like bringing the entire life
I can't see, no more,
the Sound that begot me//
world walls are open
see how they dissolve -
I can't see, no more,
the Sound that begot me.]



Ist der Wahnsinnige gestorben? No, the madman isn't dead...waiting, his eye is coming only if looking round (Parmenides) - the native sound 'lives' between earth tracks and fate wounds. To keep watch into a deep sleep? With the detachment before the present, 'to take care' is dead... Es ist ein Licht (G. Trakl) - Gedanc, grateful memory: here's the true gift that pays attention (M. Heidegger) to what really we are... crystal-clear forms, prisms...



The authors thank Graciela M. Pozzebon (Portuguese tr.), Kazue Daikoku (Japanese tr.) and Diana Pisciotta (Arabian tr.). Photo: Threadless Way (2004), by Giovanni M. Russo


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