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Sonnet For Seniors


by Charles Marowitz





(Swans - June 29, 2009)  

Let us bewail our ills to one another;
there is no better way to spend the time.
I'll describe my spasms and my twinges,
you, the curse of green catarrhal slime.
Let's compare the vestiges of surgery,
the stitches and the swelling and the sludge.
But let us not indulge in perjury
Nor overstate, hyperbolize, misjudge.
Who is the greater victim in this game;
the one that cruel Nature's most abused?
Who's more hobbled, mutilated, lame?
Scant of breath or mentally confused?

(While the body frolics in decay,
The mind observes, distant and blasé.)


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