Charles Marowitz is a writer whose work has appeared in The NY Village Voice, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, L.A. Weekly, Sunday Telegraph (UK), London Times (UK). He is the author of over two dozen books, the most recent being The Other Chekhov: a biography of the legendary actor & theorist Michael Chekhov. He was the lead critic on the L.A. Herald Examiner until that paper's demise.

Marowitz is also a director and playwright. He is the author The Marowitz Shakespeare, an anthology which contains seven free adaptations of Shakespeare's works. His latest play Murdering Marlowe was recently premiered in Los Angeles and is being published by Dramatists Play Service in the spring of 2005. His black comedy Sherlock's Last Case was presented on Broadway with Frank Langella in the lead role. His most recent directorial credit is Temptation by Vaclav Havel which he directed at The National Theatre of the Czech Republic in Prague. He was the founding Artistic Director of the Malibu Stage Company and is a member of the Association of Literary Scholars & Critics. He maintains his own Web site, Theatrebooks-Marowitz, devoted to rare and unique material relating to the theatre and its allied arts.

Marowitz has been contributing book reviews and essays to Swans from 2004 to 2012. His work can be accessed in the yearly archives, at:

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All culture and communication depend on the interplay between expectation and observation, the waves of fulfilment, disappointment, right guesses, and wrong moves that make up our daily life.
—E. H. Gombrich

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