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All My Life I've Dream(p)t Of You


by Jeffery Klaehn





(Swans - September 7, 2009)  

all my life i've dream(p)t of You

a vision of (love) You (walking with me)

i feel You now and sense that You're nearby (but i can't see You) (can't find You)

snow has been falling (for so long now) and it feels so cold here (like death) (frenzy)

the sunlight (beaming from the cracked horizon) blurring more with each passing day

(exhausted) i feel (encore) so tired
unwell (burning) (dissipated) (un-sanguine) (muted) (ill-defined) (faded)
(want) need to find (amour sincère) You (now)

(and i'm praying for You to suddenly come to me) (unawares) (déesse de l'amour)

searching endlessly (trying to find You) (watching the rains falling)
(feel my hope fading) afraid (so tired of dreaming) (feeling the time passing)
and (through this time that is unlit) i am running, frantically (to meet Your love)
(lost in dreams) (desires) imagining You (luminous) (incandescent) (scintillating)

(suddenly) (refulgent) You're beside me (des larmes de joie) (ebullient)
or am i simply dreaming? (catching me as i fall into Your arms) (serenity) (adoration)
(éperdument amoureux) shivering (euphoria) (for sure)
a sudden (tranquility) cognizance of the (grace) staggering beauty of life (intensity)
(and) You (se faire belle) (plantureuse) hold me, whispering softly (and You're smiling)
and i try to tell You about how i've dream(p)t of You, all my life
(imagining) all my life (the sound of Your voice) how i've dream(p)t of You
but i can barely manage the words (it doesn't matter)


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Jeffery Klaehn is a widely published author and cultural commentator. His scholarly writings have been published in national and international peer-reviewed journals and he is the editor of, and main contributor to several books. At present, he is completing his first novel. He lives in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.



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