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Ovid, Genesis


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "river" - © 2009 Laura Collura - Size: 8k
© 2009 Laura Collura



(Swans - September 7, 2009)  

1.   in principio adi, brahmanda -- in principio separated Elohim
               coelum et terram

at the beginning
the origin, the world seed
-- earth, heaven, water -- bloomed
from a universe
quem dixere chaos -- once named chaos.

       an interior, hidden mind, dopo una serie di oscuri universi
the last division of oceans and islands, of heaven and earth: beth

2.   itihasa:
war'a hawat toh waboh and the land was left barren
        ...a deep sleep -- a land suffering from labour pains
a land oblivious of the Other

a deep sleep with no dreams,
ombre nere tamas black shades      sushupti

et les ombres noires
          enveloppaient les profondeurs

the Weltengeist enim scrutatur
                etiam profunda in tenebris darkness
où nous sommes des otages of vain things

3.   breath
il soffio: cosmic energy on the primordial waters
but we don't remember it at all

air breath
with tacit sighs for all of us.
aura intra aeterna caela     blow inside unending air




Picture: river, by Laura Collura (2009).


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