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The Mad Is Standing On The Roof...


by Marie Rennard





(Swans - December 1, 2008)  

The mad is standing on the roof
Giving a yell to clouds
Every quarter of an hour
To remind God of Earth below

From rooftop to rooftop
Crows croak the shriek echo
And spread their black dresses
In the shine of the sun

Every quarter of an hour
The bell of a small church
Spells the time of humans
To remind them of God

In kitchens, henhouses
Humans and animals
Bend the weight of their souls
Under the weight of laws.

Once the mad once the church
Men and women below
Cannot forget the time
And hold their ticket tight

And queue up for above
Show their ticket to fear
Reckon how much is left
Of quarters of hours
Reckon how much is left
Waste the weight of a life
Waste the weight of a soul
Weight more and then wait less.


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