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Vie Mystérieuse
C. Orff, Euripides, P. Handke, F. Dostoevskij


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "Vecchi Tempi" - © 2008 Guido Monte - Size: 8k
Vecchi Tempi
© 2008 Guido Monte



(Swans - December 1, 2008)  

Ham saha, moi aussi de ma fenêtre
j'attends, I'm awaiting for my

son smeshnovo sheloveka, dream of ridiculous man
songe d'un homme risible

desde aquel fondo de infinidad che è ogni vita,
inside my deep infinite that's every life

Colours of the stones.
Pebbles in the river's bed.
Table cloth in the open air.

Anrufung der Welt...
who knows
if life is death
or death is life?

perhaps you'll know
am Ende uller Zeit
at the end of every time



The author thanks Marie Philippart, for her Russian (into Latin translittered characters) and French version of Dostoevskij's words. Carl Orff 's verse from De temporum fine comoedia (1973).

photo: Vecchi Tempi (2008), by Guido Monte.


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