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Who Is Like God?


by Carol Warner Christen





(Swans - June 16, 2008)   We, the entire human race, live here on one small planet in a universe with billions of stars in an immense space comprising eleven dimensions. We have several delusions as large as the universe because we refuse to realize that the information within our small egos -- ten measly percent -- in one of our brain hemispheres is insufficient to guide humanity over the age of twelve. Each of us can barely master ourselves and our families, much less speak for God without force of will, money, voice, or armaments. What is really going on in the third dimension? What is the distortion, what is the truth, why are so many so deluded?

For millions of years, species evolved. We, the human species, refuse to believe our own evolution because, we feel, we were specifically created. We believe, instead, that God stepped in and created us at some point as a special case. We do not remember our roots. No one knows when God did this because the two "original" humans could not write, obey, or even know what to do; female hubris had the two thrown out of "Eden" -- the garden -- before they had all the tools God did.

Those two were white (according to the sacred books and pictures) and they were unique even though related to the chimpanzees whose DNA is in the same family as humanity. Of course, no one but a few scientists will admit this and, in the last few hundred thousand years, we still refuse to accept such a "slur" on our uniqueness.

Humanity has wandered all over the planet in search of a better life. Humanity changed its colors as it traveled to adapt to the sun's light in different places. In all those long wanderings, God was off the planet. Humans learned to cooperate, to plant, to choose foods with care. They also attacked, primitively, whenever threatened, as any living being does an enemy. Over time, weapons were developed and, then, alliances when space came at a premium.

Humanity changed about one hundred thousand years ago and began to settle in cities. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers converged on a valley in the Middle East abundant with necessities; great cities and civilizations started. That is today's Iraq. There, at least one hundred two thousand years later, another human country, the United States, bombed Iraq to rubble to steal its oil using pretences galore.

Two thousand years ago, one human was called the Son of God, when he walked the earth. He was summarily killed, of course. Since then, God has not stepped foot here as far as any one of us knows. This leads to the big question: who are the humans who claim to speak for God? And, why do they take this responsibility onto their shoulders?

From the beginning, no one can or even knows how to speak for God. God is beyond even our best conceptions. God is not us; but would be the totality of everything, including us. We merely inhabit the third dimension for a number of years and then we die, at least to the here and now. Our "preachers" claim intimate knowledge of God; knowledge not given to the rest of us so abundantly.

God has to be in the ultimate dimension -- at least the eleventh -- if God is a creator of anything. God is a mega-meta system (Greek as in "great-before") to everything in the universe, whether material or not. Whence does a mere creature, as each human is, decide to elevate itself to God's level and then tell the rest of the human creatures how to behave, or to kill, or to die, or to love, or to do anything?

This is where the sins show up, isn't it? We do not live and let live anymore; instead, we covet, we scheme, we plan thefts on a grand scale; we kill, we imprison, we torture, we become what we claim to hate. We war. We rape. We pillage and burn any who we consider the dreaded "Others." We do it all and call it religion to sanctify our acts.

Where is God in all this wantonness? Theoretically, God sent his Son to us to make us understand that what we do unto others we do to God. God did this more than two thousand years ago without benefit of reporters, newspapers, television news, or even the printing presses. If anything happened, it was written three centuries later when the Christian church was created in Rome under the auspices of a non-Christian, Constantine, who was Emperor of Rome at the time; i.e., 306 to 337 AD. Hmmm-mm.

No one was alive then who knew Jesus at all. God Himself hasn't formally spoken to us since except by the words of those who proclaim their words are from God. What all this really means -- faith and piety aside -- is we are making up God as we go along. It has been two thousand and one years since Jesus was born and 1,671 years since Constantine ceased being Emperor.

Religion has thrived in God's absence with every type of nuance and system of belief for knowing God's will by using amazing and evil weapons to enforce it, too. Even though "thou shalt not kill" was an old commandment from the Deity, the killing grows and grows as does the Earth's population. For example, Christians in the United States have decided that Islam, another religion with a different take on God, is an enemy because they refuse to follow our political system and give us the oil that is under their land. We use specious reasoning to manipulate everything to steal their resources and create a base in Eurasia for our future. What has God got to do with this? Not a thing.

We, the human species, live in the third dimension that is rather removed from God's eleventh or all-encompassing higher dimension than our third. We, ostensibly, were given "free will" because we do live on a beautiful, but difficult, planet. If we didn't have free will, who would we ask to shield us from daily life's duties, chores, wounds, alliances, etc., assuming we are not children? The burden is on each and every one of us, isn't it? Some of us make small mistakes; some of us make huge mistakes.

One huge mistake is the thoughtless inventions we've made that harm the earth and its peoples: nuclear bombs, pesticides, chemicals harmful to life, slavery, arrogance and hubris amongst the over-privileged, deference to elite fools, selfishness, and on and on and on. Our war "machine," the Pentagon with its machines, is a prime example of the free will of a renegade American government to which its people are opposed but silent and ignored as to their will.

America's Founders warned us against any war except for actual, physical defense of our borders; we ignored them to our peril; and our planet is devolving to heat and chemical extinction, at least, for us and our "free will." God is not going to stop this insanity. The choice is ours to destroy the only place we can live on at the moment. The spaceship is not now, and never will be, ready in time to transport us to another friendly galaxy. Worse yet, no one who starts such a trip will be alive when it reaches the closest star system.

Some religions have decided that the words from the King James Bible mean that God will come and destroy sinners and others; only the holy human will ascend to heaven. It is also written that they will be stored in the City of God under an altar. Who ever mentions that except St. John? It amuses me that the City of God is a square 1,500-mile cube and made of many layers of chemicals, quite a few clear so the levels can be seen.

There is no way its construction in the third dimension would fit on a planet with an 8,000 mile diameter, such as Earth, without a tremendous wobble and destruction extending into the sky just as high as it is wide. It would crush everything beneath its landing spot, too. What if it wanted to land in England, or in Ohio, or in Guatemala?

If the real God created the universe and its creatures appeared in their time, then where does this egotistical bowing and scraping come from by those who have fashioned hierarchies ad infinitum to tell the rest of us who and what we are in a universe of free will? They wear the same skin, bones, and DNA as we do. I can understand formal approaches to group free will to govern civil life if chosen properly to care for infrastructure. I cannot understand the usurpation of the infrastructure for the benefits of some against the rest.

Does the mosquito appeal to God before it drinks your blood? No -- it too has free will. Does the lion or the polar bear pray before an attack? Why do we presume to know God's will prior to any of our own acts, often wildly unpredictable and which we know to be vicious and nasty to feather our own nests freely? What has God got to do with any of this beyond creation and the welcoming us back to the fourth dimension after we die? The physicists say our minds are not third dimensional, but fourth.

It behooves us to pray because it focuses our thoughts and calms us down. Prayer, however, is not the answer in itself, nor is someone else's interpretation necessarily valid for others. Who speaks for God? Who speaks for you? How could anyone presume such as so many do? Their egos are awash in self-importance, nothing more, except the hope of profit and, more importantly, power.

The real point is this: the Creator speaks or acts and then some of the created speak for the Creator who no longer speaks or acts on this planet. Those who have the answer to this might want to push the people in Washington, D.C., and other capitals of the world out of their lowly, earthly tasks of government and really let us know the answer to this singular, twisted strip of reasoning. This is another example of Mobius-strip reasoning such the one that says "We must use nuclear weapons on them to keep them from using nuclear weapons on us." Naturally, the winds and water will carry the radiation regardless of which side of the strip the fools who uttered it stand upon.

Why would a Creator wish to meddle with creations since there is no earthly need to do so? That makes more sense than creatures speaking for the Creator. However, it isn't as useful for the Creator's self-appointed pets, is it? Hence, the Creator's Earth abounds with slavery, class differences, color differences, the loss of the female's equality with the male, war, selfishness, and the pretense of being better than anyone else. "It is good to be the king, queen, ruler, president, torturer, or boss." If God acted as we do, would any of us even be here now?

This puts the blame squarely in the human quarter. We use free will to pretend each of us is better, prettier, smarter, more worthy, and happier than anyone else, among myriad other ideas. This sets us up to fail when anyone stronger bullies us. We do not stick together because we are not ant colonies. We do decide, however, who is worthy of heaven and who isn't, as if the decision were up to us, which it never will be.

In the United States, the prisons are large and badly run for profit; in Norway, there is an entirely different philosophy towards wrongdoing. In the Middle East and elsewhere, prisons are unspeakable torture chambers that we condone. We appear to get pleasure out of the suffering of others at our hands. The sexual torture of prisoners and their abasement is the ultimate fun from the films we have seen from Iraq and our own base in Cuba. There is a huge industry churning out film perversions to profit from our human need to love and to lord it over others.

The people running these places and many current governments are psychopaths. Read the book about ponerology to learn the difference between normal humans, a majority of 82%, and the six percent psychopaths in power everywhere today (Political Ponerology, A science on the nature of evil adjusted for political purposes, by Andrew M. Lobaczewski, translated by Alexandra Cheiuk-Celt, Ph.D., Edited with Notes and Commentary by Laura Knight-Jadezyk & Henry See. Red Hill Press, © 1998, 2006, printed in Canada). Those persons are aided and abetted by another twelve percent who long to do the same to the rest of us. Our normalcy will always prevail but it takes time to see, to understand, and then to change back to reality, rather than the lust to own everything including human beings. Even the churches are affected when they promote war to win souls for God.

The one thing we never seem to see is that each and every human is each and every one of us. How could that possibly mean that some of us are lesser or born to be enslaved or degraded or misused or worshiped or murdered or killed or imprisoned illegally? The list of our debasements as human beings is even longer. On the other hand, our humanity is also full of magnificent works of art, music, literature, kindness, fairness, decency, beauty, decent laws, fairness, and on and on. What if we could tell the difference or, at least, really teach it to our children?

According to the scientists and our observations, we have driven this planet to the edge of extinction as we know it. From abundance, we have created poverty for ourselves and for the creatures that have thrived for millions of years. All this is because we took the easy way out and because we allowed riches from inventions to overwhelm our good sense.

Thirty or forty years ago, humanity became focused on consuming as if we were locusts. Come to think of it, where are the actual insect locusts? The last I heard of them was more than thirty years ago. We never measured what we took from the earth. We never seemed to care what damages we left behind as we dug and dug and carved the mountaintops for riches. We did not rebuild and assist the land and flora and fauna we disturbed.

We, in the current vernacular, "move on." In actuality, we do not move on, we stay put and our capitalistic depredations known as corporations move on and off our shores, absolving themselves of blame in the search for profits since there are so few to be found here any more; the capitalistic need of money endlessly increases.

We lost our jobs; we armed ourselves to the tune of more than a trillion dollars to bomb one small, unassuming country where humanity started its climb to today. It lies in a mess of rubble; however, we are building a new walled city for our self-important yahoos to live in when the country that gave them birth rejects them, or tries them for crimes against humanity. This they richly deserve. Those who stood by silently also deserve to live in the desolation we have created by pretending we were better than anything in the universe.

There are always wise humans and, when the collapse occurs and the deaths are finished, the survivors will rebuild, poorer but, hopefully, wiser than we. We never can be more than human. I ask you again: which one of us is like God?


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