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Vergil, John Milton, Fedor Dostoevski, Marie Rennard


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "Berlin" - © 2008 Gabriele Ingrassia - Size: 15k
© 2008 Gabriele Ingrassia



(Swans - June 16, 2008)  

ibant obscuri sola sub nocte per umbram

going alone along a black night

here darkness almost killed the colors of everything

no light, but rather darkness visible

des chansons fredonnées sans musique

rien de nouveau, oto jest it's true

dans l'ombre ou la lumière les coeurs battent pareil

and softened songs tonelessly hummed

hearts always beat the same

in the light or shadow



The Dostoevski interesting blending (French and Polish) is from The Brothers Karamazov's notebooks (not contextual with our blending, as usual).



Photo: Berlin, by Gabriele Ingrassia (2008)


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