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The First Conscious Thought And Its Implications


by Carol Warner Christen





(Swans - February 26, 2007)   The president pulls information visually, processes it acoustically, both positively and negatively with a null crossover point of going verbally round and round when confused, and acts in a kinesthetic -- feelings, emotions -- output which expresses itself physically.

The vice president, on the other hand, pulls information in kinesthetically, processes it visually (plus and minus) with a null crossover point of Narcissus' mirror, and then expresses himself wordily.

What did I just say? What does that mean? That is the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) that the president and vice president chose at a young age, probably before the age of reason. The choice was decided by their first conscious thought, the thought that put them in the here and now. The first conscious thought is not in the books about NLP because it is my contribution and a hobby to ask about first conscious thoughts. In almost every case, the first situation the very young child's awareness cemented in the input, inner, and output occurred then.

Richard Bandler proposed NLP in 1973 and wrote a book with Richard Grinder in 1979 called Frogs into Princes. The NLP waveform (input-inner-output) choice is not set in stone; it can be changed. However, humans become accustomed to that first set of choices; it is almost impossible to change because it has become useful and familiar for actions and reactions in the world.

Just for your information, I am an acoustic input, a kinesthetic interior with a null point of immovability, and visual output. I match the Shrek™ character, an ogre, but a nice one mostly. Here are the first choices I made and the reasons for the choices:

When I was between four and five years old, I heard my mother say to my father: "I'm going to give the children away. We can't go on like this." I heard this and became very aware of hearing, which became my input, acoustic. An input comes from one's environment, not from oneself.

At that horrible moment, I thought of my brother who was two years younger and felt that I had to be sure both of us were okay. So, I put my kinesthetic feelings and emotions inside because I could not trust my parents with either anymore.

That left only the visual as an output. It gives me a wonderful panorama of outputs to act upon at the speed of light. It also allows me to create art in any media. One downside after I create the art, it is of little importance to me because it is external to me; I am finished with it. People in art leagues who wish to sell art are very impatient with me due to my lack of interest in the output.

I acted to protect my brother for sixty-three years when I realized the importance of that first thought. I wrote him about it including all the real problems of our parents: alcohol and affairs. He wrote back to thank me but said he never knew any of that. My burden is over for him, but the millions of choices I made changed me. Now that I know this, I feel (the kinesthetic) changes, albeit late in life. I do not need to protect my brother now.

By the time I was six, Hiroshima and Nagasaki had been destroyed by the American atomic bombs. I read about it in the newspaper's headlines. To an acoustic input, reading is the same as hearing. I looked around at all the adults in my life and no one said a word about the bombs. That cemented my distrust. And, as a visual output, I have never ceased to see the horror of those pictures and feel the horror of such an event. Yesterday, there were more pictures on the web never before shown about what nuclear bombs do to living human (and other) flesh and objects. I write this because the president was not yet conceived, much less had any memories of nuclear events.

I mentioned the waveform of the phenomena: inputs are always positive, albeit not necessarily good; and, all outputs are negative and not necessarily wrong as outputs become someone else's positive input. The inner part of the waveform is a full wave. That is, the inner wave begins negatively, climbs up to and through the null point and into the positive before it exits as any output. Or, draw a line. On the line, make a half circle above the line and then a half circle below the line doing it over again until there are two half circles above the line and two below. Label them plus and minus, two each. The two inner half circles are your interior; the first is input; the last is output.

There are reasons in the various writings about the president that show why he chose his +V-A+A-K (another way to depict programming). I told you why I picked +A-K+K-V. The president's mother and his grandmother, the wife of Prescott Bush, were both acoustic outputs. Now, acoustic outputs are some of the world's best writers. Those who do not write are the best devastators of others' well-being by shouting horrid words at them. That a child cannot win their word game or overcome their strings of screaming invectives, puts the words inside the child -- all the words ever heard are inside, positive and negative. As I mentioned earlier, when in a stress speech situation, the acoustic interior persons will go round and round the nonsensically verbal null point because they cannot get a grip on the right words. They have been bullied into speechlessness by the presence of a superior; with peers, they can and do choose to act, or not.

During her last visit, my mother-in-law began to scream acoustically (her output) because she does not agree with my views. I attempted to reason and she screamed louder and nastier. Finally, I approached her thusly: I walked very slowly towards her, holding my ears out with my fingers while saying, "You have to listen; you have to listen; you have to listen." She collapsed into a chair and never screamed once in the final days of her visit. She is very unhappy that her approach to control did not work on me. Since my output is unseen visually except to me, she caved into the strange unknown I created. I saw what to do before I did it. She may never visit us again by her choice, not mine. I like her except for the screaming part. Her children hide words and speak with great care if they will speak at all. The president's mother did this to him; the previous president in his family had this done to him by his mother; hence, the two have similar tongue-tied responses to stress.

The vice president, who tells the president what is best, is also an acoustic output. His tantrums are well known; he tends to talk and talk and talk until we, the People, go away. Since his inside is visual, he likes to be "on stage" as it were or in his bunker dressing rooms when not. The kinesthetic input he has creates one small problem; it requires about four seconds for him to interpret what he feels someone said and he translates it into words.

The kinesthetic input was useful before the advent of radio. Most of the population took time to feel what was said, to build from scratch, which is also kinesthetic. No one needed to hurry to understand. Time could be taken to think things out. With the advent of radio, acoustic input came to the fore. Television brought out the visual input.

I had help translating the rates or speed at which these occur. We put them all into the same mathematics in order to speak of them on the same scale. We changed them all to feet per second. That means that the visual (photons) are the speed of light or 982,080,000 feet per second. The acoustic (sound waves) is in Hertz, which is 1190 feet per second. The kinesthetic is vibratory and works out to 108 feet per second.

The figures give some interesting results: my information comes in at 1190 fps, drops to 108 fps inside for processing, and goes out at 982,080,000 fps visually. That, for me, translates into a huge number of instantaneous possible visions to act upon, or not. No one sees it unless it feeds back inside to brute action or further to screaming another input for me. If my dogs bark in the house, I scream; if someone "scares" me which they enjoy very much, I scream and jump; if there is danger, I know the way away from it instantly and do that unseen to all.

The president likes to fly; he has planes and helicopters at his disposal. That is visual input. My husband does, too. When younger, he flew, skydived, and sped around on motorcycles and cars much too fast. The president's output is the same as my husband's output: kinesthetic. My husband builds and makes things until bored; he has tools everywhere to shape his universe. The president rides his bike, chops trees, etc. to shape his universe. The president takes in information at 982,080,000 ft per second (a bit overwhelming), drops inside to 1190 fps, and outputs it at 108 fps, which is all he can handle. The difference between my husband and the president is handedness. Left-handed people use the opposite side of the brain than right-handed people use.

The vice president takes information in at 108 fps, jumps to the visual 982,080,000 fps, which allows him to see endless scenarios, often choosing badly for us and explaining his ideas at the rate of 1190 fps as he drones on and on. The visual interior thinks it sees everything, somewhat as God might. Many of them refuse to watch gory movies; it replays over and over in their interior visions.

The problem comes with outputs. The president may think war and the machines of war, especially the air wars he and his father preferred, are visually exciting. Neither hears the screams of pain and death and both refuse to allow true reporting on the subject in Iraq, or anywhere, because the acoustic is locked inside them; it is painful, thus ignored. They do not want us to hear or read about their depredations. The kinesthetic is enhanced by the idea of blowing everything up in great bursts of vibratory excess with radiation ignored, unseen, part of the president's equation is force equals fun but admitting it is not allowed. His brutal sojourn in college and unsporting attacks on other players have been photographed and noticed. His induction into Skull and Bones has been written over and over. He could hide in a coffin, with or without the dead bones of Geronimo, and speak his deepest secrets safely; and, he did speak to those who initiated him into a cult of death for fun and belonging. He never thinks about depleted uranium effects; that is kinesthetic but too small to notice. Also, all of his feelings are outputs gone from his mind. He doesn't feel anything. You might say I don't see anything. The vice president doesn't say anything meaningful. Outputs do not belong to us anymore unless they're copyrighted or patented.

To recap and add to the possibilities: there are six states to choose with the first conscious thoughts: kinesthetic-visual-acoustic, kinesthetic-acoustic-visual, acoustic-visual-kinesthetic, acoustic-kinesthetic-visual, visual-acoustic-kinesthetic, visual-kinesthetic-acoustic. There are actually two more states which give twenty-four combinations but NLP prefers to ignore them: taste and smell.

As a hypnotherapist I learned NLP because it is as effective in certain ways as hypnosis, especially with the reluctant. Since then, my observations about it have expanded to a hobby to see who is what on television. Almost all acting professionals are visual inside with kinesthetic inputs and acoustic outputs. One way to tell is to see where the eyes move. Acoustics, in or out, look forward or side to side. Visuals look up; kinesthetics look down. One side of eye movement is actual reality; the other side is remembered or imagined. If I were to ask, "What does your mother look like in purple hair?" the eyes will search and one or the other upper visual is where memory lives.

Our brains, too, are divided. The left brain holds the ego, the speech centers, and governs the right side of the body. The right brain is intuitive, artistic, musical, without speech, and governs the left side of the body. If handedness is not right, then a trade-off to the right brain is given from the left so speech is possible. To complicate matters further, the reptilian brain stem never sleeps and may be the seat of the subconscious. The subconscious governs ninety percent of awareness. It can find anything in the world at the speed of light. One of its duties is to feed the conscious mind -- a mere ten percent of us -- memories because the conscious mind only holds an hour's worth. Our frontal lobes give us our humanity. Our middle limbic brain gives us emotions and feelings. It is not subject to reason and neither is the reptilian brainstem. Drinkers lose thousands of frontal cells with every session, hardening into patterns of thought.

The danger to the country is the reason I have written extensively about NLP and our first thoughts. Each of you might want to remember your first conscious thought, the thought that made you realize you were actually here. Then, see what your choices were and have been since. I have given the outline; it works. It's even fun to see the people on television and guess their orientation. More seriously, consider this: the man who wants to have a nuclear war on a country in the Mid East -- Iran -- is described above and why he, but not I, could do that to those humans there. This time, though, the fallout will be over the entire planet carried by air currents to you and to yours. Since the onset of depleted uranium munitions, birth defects and cancers are rising in our soldiers and their families. Why are they constantly cycled back to the war zone? Is it because we will visually "see" the results as some women are burned by contaminated sperm, losing their wombs by some of those same soldiers? Iraqi babies are being born deformed, as are our progeny. These particles, again, are nano-sized and last 4,500,000,000 years, first infiltrating our DNA. We cannot remove them.

Is anyone who understands out there? Certainly not the men who have declared, basically, war on humanity itself. They will not be able to escape either. That is very small consolation. Stop them. The soldiers are being hidden, as it were, because the costs to them, to their families, and to humanity is too great for the Executive Branch to admit, discuss, or accept responsibility by paying for the full extent of the injuries. The kinesthetic output is useful and does much of the world's heavy work. It has one big drawback: rage. Rage is not amenable to reason.


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