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Siku Next Za Future* (present future)
John's Book of Revelation (9, 1-10)


by Guido Monte





Pic: "act 18573" - © 2007 Giuseppe Quattrocchi - Size: 20k
"act 18573" - © 2007 Giuseppe Quattrocchi



(Swans - February 26, 2007)  

here's the key of the abyss well,

its dark smoke blinded sun, air...

and locusts appeared from the smoke,

...clavis putei abyssi, clef du puits, llave del abismo

et obscuratus est sol et aer de fumo putei

et de fumo exierunt locustae in terram

el sol y el aire, soleil, atmosphère...obscurcis,

de cette fumée...sauterelles langostas

locusts with gold crowns, they wore iron chests—

their wings : wiggling panzer through the wars,

in their tails the power to torture people

et super capita eorum tamquam coronae similes auro,

et habebant...loricas ferreas
couronnes d'or,

cuirasses de fer corazas de hierro

et vox alarum earum sicut vox curruum

equorum multorum currentium in bellum

bruit de leurs ailes...ruido de sus alas

chars au combat, carros al combate

et aculei in caudis, dards

in caudis potestas nocere hominibus

aguijones para torturar,

dans leur queues...leur pouvoir de torturer



niños cada día muevan hacia la muerte...
tu ne peux pas aller plus loin d'un jour
every day children go towards the death
and you cannot go or think so far than one day—
eres Argo, entre limo y cecas, qui espera
quien es desaparecido y aùn no vuelve
you're like Argus, between ticks and dung,
awaiting for someone
who's disappeared, not coming back yet



[The author thanks Nyambura Kiarie, Matteo Tuveri, and Rosa Maria Costa; drawing by Giuseppe Quattrocchi]

*  Sheng language (Kenya): it is an urban language of young people (strongly reflected in their art and music), coined from myriad influences, from all the ethnicities in urban settings. Even sheng has dialects depending on which area it is spoken; it is yet to be recognised as an authentic language.  (back)


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