A poem by Sandy Lulay

(Alas nothing has changed... only the victims.)


A mouse colony survives the stone,
The dirt, the bones:
Nibbling away at the shapes of yesterday.

One runs to the creek. Its reflection
Woven in the cloth of shadows
That shade the native graves.

A hawk dives free; eyes searching
The mounds of death below.
He captures dinner.

The winds dance with the flowers
That care to grow pretty
Over the Cherokee souls deceived.

The amatory bee will never guess
What the dying meant. Surely
It was not to improve his sweetness.

I wonder how many Cherokee died
To empty a space?
For land taken by strangers?

And I wonder

How many minds are still alive
In heads that never dwell
On what is wrong or right?

How many have spent their intelligence
Rewriting life stories
On ashes with weapons of greed

Dipped in the ink of innocent blood
Sans grief; unaffected
By the lust of spatial glory.

But wait! The flowers return
Wild and willing to dance every spring
For the dead Cherokee.

And the mouse, the bee
And the wind
Come back again and again

Seeing the hawks place
Over the land is a shared space
With all and each other.

Can it be they agree
Nature is wiser than man!


       Sandy Lulay, originally from Woodstock, New York, is a resident of Stuart, Florida. Lulay is an "Original Woodstock Girl" who has been writing poetry since age ten. Many of her poems have been published both in Woodstock and Stuart's Sleeping Bear Review. This poem was composed in 1985. Says Lulay, "Alas nothing has changed... only the victims."

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Published November 12, 2001
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