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The "Share this story with a friend" E-mail capability on the site is based on a small Java Script, a programming language from the folks at Sun Microsystems.

To take advantage of it you must use a Web browser that is Java enabled, such as AOL-NS 4 & above, MSIE 3 & above or Opera 4 & above. In addition, you need to use the E-mailer provided with the browsers, such as AOL-NS Messenger, MS Outlook (or Outlook Express), etc. It will also work when you have another E-mailer like, for instance, Pegasus Mail (our choice of predilection) or Eudora Pro if, and only if, you have configured your browser(s) to use such external programmes.

If you are using an older browser you can download a later version from either AOL-Netscape, Microsoft, or Opera.

What does the Javascrip on Swans do?

It allows you to enter the E-mail address of the recipient in the box and simply click on the button "send." If you have entered a proper address it will automatically launch your E-mailer filled with the URI of the story as well as a short message in the subject line, such as "I think this might be of interest to you" or "here is a good Swans article for you." You can either send the E-mail as is or, if you wish, you can add a message of your own.

This little script does not send the content of the article. It only sends the title of the particular page and its URI, allowing your recipient, once s/he has received the E-mail, to click on the link, thus launching her/his browser directly to the URI of the article. Neat!

Here is the form and the script:

                                   E-mail this article to a friend
       Enter her/his E-mail address: 

Try it!

Enter your own E-mail address and click on "send." Your E-mailer will launch. Simply send the E-mail "as is."

Here is what you will receive:

Subject line: I thought this might interest you...

In the body of the message:
Help with sending a Swans' article by E-mail (which is the title of this page) and,
http://www.swans.com/about/helpmail.html (which is the URI of this page).

That's it!

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Created: February 28, 2001
Last Updated: March 1, 2001