America in Yugoslavia: Peephole into a Hidden Empire

by Geoff Berne

May 14, 2001

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[This is the text of an information piece intended to accompany the speech and handed out to the audience attending the forum at Ohio State.]


Following is a list of the U.S. and NATO leaders principally responsible for the 1999 aggression against Yugoslavia. Also provided are examples of their arguably prosecutable offenses against international norms of conduct as contained in the Geneva Conventions, the NATO Charter, the UN Charter, the Nuremberg Principles, the Helsinki Accords, and other binding international treaties as well as the U.S. Constitution:

State Department Public Information Officer James Rubin and NATO press spokesman Jamie Shea won world support for the strike against Yugoslavia by launching the shocking fiction that Serbian soldiers on orders from Slobodan Milosevic had herded 100,000 Albanian minority males into a sports stadium in Pristina, Kosovo, from whence they were never heard of again. Charges were made of Serbs committing thousands of mass rapes of Albanian women and girls. In April 1999 the State Department sealed the blackening of Milosevic's name with an even more spectacularly fabricated figure for the number of Kosovar Albanians killed by Serbs: 500,000. (UN forensic specialists sent in after the war were able to locate less than 3,000 bodies, none of them identifiable as victims of mass shooting, in fact none positively identified as of Albanian or Muslim ethnicity; charges of organized mass rape have expired for want of corroborating victims.)

William Walker, who in the 1980s instigated creation of the death squads in El Salvador, illegal arming of the contras in Nicaragua, and the overthrow of Panama's Noriega, created war hysteria against Yugoslavia by fabricating evidence of an alleged mass shooting of Albanians by Serbs at Racak that never happened. This destabilization specialist travelled around Yugoslavia as head of a UN monitoring mission with an entourage of 150 soldiers of fortune hired through a Virginia temp agency for covert operatives called DynaCorp. The result of his handiwork was a staged "atrocity" that was the single biggest pretext used for the bombing of Yugoslavia by NATO's American-led international force. A day following a battle between Yugoslav government troops and Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) rebels in Racak, Walker personally escorted international television crews to photograph 45 bodies strewn in a ditch so as to simulate victims of a mass execution. (Testimony from townspeople and journalists from NATO countries confirmed that the bodies had not been there the day of the shooting; UN forensic specialists confirmed powder burns indicating that the victims had been armed fighters who had fired guns in battle, not innocent civilians shot solely because of their ethnicity. The bodies had obviously been trucked to the town from elsewhere as props for Walker's hoax on the world).

Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, NATO Commander Wesley Clark, and National Security Advisor Sanford Berger illegally targeted bombs on civilians and non-military facilities such as power installations, water plants, factories, hospitals, churches, schools, and broadcast stations in violation of international laws and codes governing conduct of war; used bombs with uranium casing that ripped through tanks and the sturdiest military protection - leaving a residue of nuclear and chemical contamination that will linger in the environment of Yugoslavia and surrounding countries for an estimated 4.5 billion years.

Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and UN Representative Richard Holbrooke concealed their refusal to let the possibility of resolving differences with the Milosevic government through diplomatic negotiation at talks at Rambouillet prior to the bombing deter them from pursuing a pre-set plan to oust him via a full-scale war.

Former President Bill Clinton pursued his commitment to this pre-set plan to commit aggression in Yugoslavia that goes back to the demands for bombing in Bosnia that he made as early as his 1992 Presidential campaign -- and ignored his constitutional obligation to seek a formal declaration of war by Congress before the committing of troops against a foreign nation.

CIA Director George Tenet armed and trained the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) to create acts of racist terror against Serbs in Kosovo including murder, kidnapping, burning, and looting. His CIA illegally interfered in Yugoslavia's elections by using $40 million in American money to hire, train, and equip a puppet organization of Yugoslavian students to wage a big bucks American-style hate campaign against President Milosevic complete with video cameras, cell-phones, internet, and graphic advertising technology. The CIA-created "reform movement" showed its commitment to democracy by seizing and vandalizing the Parliament building and trashing Yugoslavia's constitution, shutting down a runoff election that the close victory margin of Vojislav Kostunica over Milosevic would otherwise by law have required.

George Soros, billionaire financier and bankroller of insurrectionary movements, in former Soviet-sphere countries made vulnerable to foreign penetration by insurmountable debt, should be on trial at the Hague for theft of Yugoslavia's national economy and for organizing worldwide opprobrium against nations that fail to pass his personal "openness" test, openness, that is, to investment by global financing companies like his own. This self-appointed and un-elected spokesman for the "international community" called for Yugoslavia to be punished with privation, anarchy, military bombardment, and geographical dismemberment for offering resistance to takeover of her state-run industries, banks, transportation, power, and communications agencies by companies in which Soros and fellow fund managers happens to broker investment. Soros also acted as a virtual CIA in serving as patron for Yugoslav intellectuals to spread fear of Milosevic as the second coming of Stalin.

Former President George Bush and incoming Vice President Richard Cheney are making or have made epic profits in the defense industry off of the bloodshed and suffering of the people of the Balkans - and originally started America on the road to war in Yugoslavia. Bush as President in 1989 assured civil war in Yugoslavia by pushing through Congress the Foreign Operations Appropriations Law that denied Yugoslavia funding unless it agreed to allow each of its constituent republics to separate from the Federal Government and each set up their own independent government. Cheney recently converted his holdings in Halliburton Company into a $39 million dollar severance package when he became Vice President. $39 million from a company that built Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, providing supplies and military support services such as temporary housing, food services, parking and road work, waste disposal, power, mail, and transportation services in the Balkans since 1995.

Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State, and Lawrence Eagleburger, former Assistant Secretary of State and former Ambassador to Yugoslavia: Kissinger first opened the economy of Yugoslavia to western investment as member of the U.S. government in the Nixon and Ford administrations. Eagleburger served in the Reagan administration. In 1976 after leaving government they became founding partners in a private company, Kissinger Associates, Inc., which reaped investment profits in Yugoslavia from the very opportunities they had created while in government (Eagleburger actually served as director of a scandal-ridden Yugoslav bank and as American representative for the Yugo automobile - only to turn around and launch the devastating first call for secession of Yugoslavia's wealthier republics that led to the nation's ultimate near-dissolution and civil war).

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Geoff Berne is an Ohio writer known for his opposition to American policy in Yugoslavia. In June, 1999 he sponsored a forum with British Labour Party dissident and NATO critic Tony Benn and later co-organized a protest against a visit to Cincinnati by Bill Clinton. Berne is a former university English teacher and advocate-promoter for America's traditional and ethnic music.


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Published May 14, 2001
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