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The Art Of Compromise


by Michael DeLang





(Swans - July 14, 2014)   You say that the sun rises at 5:30 am this time of year. I say that it comes up about 10:30 am. In the spirit of compromise, we agree to refer to the hour that it first shows above the horizon as 8:00 am. But what impact does our agreement have on the rotation of the Earth?

The Affordable Care Act was developed in a right-wing think tank, read and approved by insurance industry lobbyists, and passed by a congress made up of Democrats and Republicans. The president then signed it into law, but in the spirit of compromise, calls it a "reform" bill and agrees to stand in as whipping boy for a few years while Republicans pretend to be angry and call the law "Socialism."

If John McCain had won the election in 2008, the very same Affordable Care Act would have been nicknamed "McCainCare." It would have been read and approved by the same insurance industry lobbyists, then voted into law by a congress made up of the same Republicans and Democrats. The president would have signed the legislation, but in the spirit of compromise, he would have called it a "Free Market solution" and agreed to stand in as whipping boy for a few years while Democrats pretended to be angry, calling the law a sell-out to the profiteers of health care.

The American political process is a media-supported carnival con and you're the mark.


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Michael DeLang is a self-defined middle-aged blue collar worker in the trucking industry who lives in Golden, Colorado.   (back)


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