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Soul Dead


by Jay Tripathi





(Swans - November 2, 2009)  

I close my eyes and I see, a soul plundered

How this happened to be, this I wondered.

Every time I follow my head, to move ahead

My soul being misled, dies instead.

Some do it out of dread, others for their bread

But the same way they still tread, even when properly fed.

Everyone's being led, as if by a thread

Leaving things unsaid, shredding their soul dead.

They say it's all right, 'cause that's what they've read

But what about all the people, all the blood being shed.

So, when you close your eyes and you see, a soul plundered

How this happened to be, you needn't wonder.


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Jay Tripathi is a 22-year-old student at the Asian College of Journalism, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, where he does his Post Graduate Diploma in journalism (Print Media). Writing fiction, poetry, and other journalistic news is his passion. His story "Remembering Guddu..." was published recently at newsclick.in. Tripathi strongly opposes the corporate media, which are engaged in spreading disinformation for serving their class interest.



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