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Trip To Nowhere


by Raju Peddada





(Swans - July 13, 2009)  

We are but passengers on life train
With destinations and riders in pre-destiny,
In love & attachments going against the grain
We all will get off and indulge in mutiny

What are we but dust in shape?
Limited time to inevitability,
Mortal remains in black cape,
Walking in dust for eternity

Sometimes there is sanity in lunacy...
It's all a matter of perspective,
Life is not what deems a delicacy...
As we all indulge in invective

I drove alone in thoughts
Rendering the countryside a blur,
Memories and reminiscences caught
In a wild desire to reoccur

Years go by like tumbleweeds in wind
Relentlessly pinning us to daily grind,
Is there a way to stop years rushing?
There's a lot to write, wait my gushing

We can't make sense when it matters
We are always in emotional tatters,
Life takes brutal tones in personal matters
We devour comfort food, health in tatters


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About the Author

Raju Peddada is an industrial designer running an eponymous brand, purveyor of ultra luxury furnishings of his own design (see peddada.com). He is also a freelance correspondent/writer for several publications, specializing in commentary, essay, and opinions on architecture, design, photography, books, fashion, society, and culture. Peddada was born in Tallapudi, a small southern town in south India. He's lived in New Delhi and Bombay before migrating to the West Indies and eventually settling in Chicago, Illinois, where he worked in corporate America until he chose to set up his own designing firm. He lives with his family in Des Plaines.



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