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How To Build Up A Paradise


by Marie Rennard





(Swans - May 18, 2009)  

Count in your sky a hundred crows

Paint them ghostwhite

Or indigo,

Put them apart.

Then stretch a spire

Sharp and black-tiled,

To reach the nearest pair of clouds

Planted with blue convolvulus

Asters, daisies and craspedias.

In the left cloud - looking westward,

Dig a window to see below

And a hollow for a cellar, filled with white wine.

Fix an armchair,

And seven shelves:

One for glasses

One for your specs

One for roses

One for your head

One for your fish

One for your bed

And the last one for cigarettes.

On the right cloud, of course, you've guessed

Pile a few books and a saxo,

A full box of patapoems, or whatever makes you happy. (1)

Along a string tie striped ties

To yoke your crows,

Fifty/fifty, ask them kindly

They will fly up your paradise.



1.  Though, we advise you never let any wild teddy bear on board, however cute they seem to be. They'd keep teasing the crows AND pretend they are not, provoking a crow quarrel which would definitely ruin your paradise.  (back)


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