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Next Target Of The IMF
You, Me, And The United States Of America


by Carol Warner Christen





(Swans - July 14, 2008)   This country created, with the help of bankers, elites, and foreign nationals, the International Monetary Fund, plus the World Bank, and the World Trade Organization. The local newspaper reported that the United States has become the target of the IMF due to our excessive debt burden in the trillions of dollars to conquer Iraq for its oil, among other excesses.

We are also involved in armed sorties in the world; and some intend that we, or Israel, or both, attack another country, Iran, for its non-existent, according to the United Nations, nuclear weapons. We have nuclear weapons certain neo-conservatives are itching to use for an insane solution to the world's non-problems. This, of course, would increase our debts immensely.

This means that our country will be ripe for the picking, which is what the IMF ostensibly does under the guise of reordering our priorities and collecting for the world's bankers and elites huge sums from new loans and larger interest rates, ostensibly to bail us out of our debts. Chances are they will also take down the Federal Reserve Bank, which would be a good thing if the Treasury were to control as it was intended over two hundred years ago.

The current president, George W. Bush, insists that the IMF might study the problem until he is out of office, but it was not to implement its draconian (my word) findings until then. Perhaps he fears for his legacy, not to mention his hide when the people get wise to the con. We must all remember that we created this IMF monster and it's on its way to bite us in the butt, big time.

You must understand why those who claim to be owed these monies by international law can and will change our laws to suit themselves or force our lawmakers to do so with or without our consent. We helped them write the rules. Now, it's our turn to overturn our own sovereignty as a People. This is what has happened to many of the poorer countries of the world, according to Michael Chossudovsky, a Canadian professor of economics at the University of Ottawa, who has written extensively about each and every country (at least seventeen) targeted by the IMF in his book, The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order, 2003.

The cases in his book are of death, starvation, the removal of people from their lands, the downsizing of government, of health care, of Social Security, and on and on even unto changing the laws of a nation or being put on the "black list" as a pariah to the international community of elites and bankers. None of them cares how many die on or off their programs. They only care about the heists they "legally" plan to enrich themselves using each and every country targeted.

Who lives and who dies is preplanned by the IMF which, over the years, has a huge working base of "Groups of 33" or "Groups of" (insert any number). It also has The London Club and The Paris Club, among others, listed on its Web site. These groups assist it as part of the IMF. Who are they? Who really knows except the players and bankers and, often, drug cartels? Profits apparently don't mind what type of bedfellows they sleep with as long as money is to be made.

The only news that was reported was to heap the entire investigation for the United States onto Benjamin Bernanke, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank. Since our Fourth Estate is in the pay of capitalists or corporations or the wealthy, there is little change, until it is too late to know what is really going on or might happen to us as a country.

In 1974, Henry Kissinger felt that most of the world's peoples needed to die off so that he and his friends could live off the resources left. I doubt their minds have changed. Our problem is that we have let them manipulate us to the point of becoming merely background material. I have mentioned ponerology in an earlier article and it still holds: the top half of a percent of people may very well be the pathological six percent, aided and abetted by another twelve percent who grab onto any, and all, of their schemes to garner all the wealth on this planet to reduce the rest of us to serfs again. We are the 82% of humanity that is normal. We enjoy our families, our lives, our fun, just because; and, we are helpful; and, we do our best with the freedoms our forefathers left to us.

Our government, however, has forgotten it is our servant, pure and simple, not the other way around. Apparently, being paid more than $150,000 a year with travel allowances and incredible benefits goes to their heads. We citizens have been getting poorer and poorer as the middle class incomes go down and stagnate. Every one of the owners is maximizing profits and removing jobs from the United States to the countries we have already subjected to the IMF's brand of secret horrors. They have opened Pandora's box everywhere and now it is our turn. Only Eurasia is left to destroy. But, that is far too soon right now. All of the wealth in Eurasia has to be "mined" and distributed first.

I can't decide which might be worse: the poles shifting 180 degrees, which means the ferrous rocks will change direction completely opposite to today's orientation; and a cataclysm will occur. I asked someone what might happen and that was the word: cataclysm. These things also happen every 26,000 years or so when our Milky Way's black hole -- a gigantic electromagnetic phenomenon -- lines up with our tiny sun and exerts influences upon it. There is no known memory of any of this. All we have is from the Mayan warnings. Maybe nothing will occur and the price of gas in three more years will be so high, we will all walk as we did in ancient times.

In Mr. Chossudovsky's book, I did find more than one Mobius strip of reasoning by the IMF. What I call Mobius strip reasoning is the interesting twist in a strip of paper that returns back onto itself. If the words are written on the strip, they keep returning to each side endlessly. This one was on page 327. Basically, it says, "...those who foster financial turbulence have been invited by the G-7 finance ministers to identify policies which attenuate financial turbulence." The IMF is a Mobius strip in and of itself for it fosters secretly what it says it is correcting openly. That enriches all the financial parties, but never the countries or the peoples it "corrects" for their error. As far as I can tell, the only error is to abide by anything the Breton Woods groups insist upon. They displace the state because they are a meta-state to any and all countries, apparently. In other words, God is now the financial entities banded together on this small planet to cause riches to flow to themselves while death, poverty, and destruction flow to the 82% of the peoples unlucky enough to live in the targeted country. These psychopaths will always aim for that result as long as it is profitable to do so. The old saying -- the public be damned -- is too true and has been since the 1980s. The unleashed 18% of the world's psychopaths are drawn to the world of super financial state overseers.

Also, an Internet source, Allen Roland's Web log (http://blogs.salon.com/0002255/) contains a statement by Larry Edelson in "Money and Markets" to claim that "in order to maintain an election year semblance of a moderate economic slowdown before the full extent of a likely depression is announced on January 20, 2009, the day Bush leaves office." The gory details are at
http://www.moneyandmarkets.com/issues.aspx?Fuse-Lit-Check-Your-Gold- Holdings-1928.

The upshot is this: the financial powers-that-be above the country have already started the IMF's work ahead of time as our jobs, our farms, our raises, our small companies, our infrastructure, our timber payments, our social services networks, our nursing staffs, our health care, and on and on, go the way of the dodo, an extinct bird. It is not the oil per se; it is this reordering without our say-so, our lives. Our Congress, with two or three exceptions, has jumped on the big money bandwagon; our executive branch has been kissing the you-know-what of the capitalists for even longer; and the higher courts are being replaced with justices with an agenda rather than law.

The laws of late have been no help to the people. I am not even sure the Congress knows there are people out here because sometime in the past thirty years, instant electronic gratification and schemes of unbelievable dimensions have been put forth as law. Protestors are treated like enemies of the state, what with the militarization of the police forces as if dissent were not ever allowed as a citizen right. Where did this belief come from? Who benefits from it? Certainly not we, and they have negated our original rights to boot without so much as an apology. How is it that they do not also suffer the fate of the citizen? Are they, too, ranked with the little tin gods of money and exempt from citizenship?

People, We are expendable to them. There are too many of us to enslave our numbers. As soon as they reduce us to few and far between and move themselves to the rich playground of Dubai et al., America will just be another plantation on the road to hell. The new millennial generation is already here that will build the next civilization as did my parents build this one that is rapidly coming to an end. Since we refuse to educate them, the results will be unfortunate for the planet. The original civics knew how to build; these civics know how to communicate with electronics. It all seems a piece of my ex-husband's vision of the earth so full of humanity in tiny cubicles; the planet shakes on its moorings and takes off to search for a mate. One last thing: since when is the military the way to peace, life, prosperity, and liberty for all? Who made us the enforcers for financial thieves? Does daily life contain so much to do that we have no idea what we are doing to our children, ourselves, our neighbors, and the others who share this planet with us? Regimentation is a strange way to love life, the universe, and one's children unto the farthest generations. Was it the lawlessness of the Old West that set this type of thinking into our hearts with cowboys and Indians, now turned into alien peoples who smell funny, speak in tongues, and dress in costumes while worshiping strange, unchristian gods? Are we really so lame?

We must stop the Breton Woods (IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization) institutions now and address the financial takeover of life, the universe, and everything we hold dear. Someday soon, I hope the blankness goes out of our hearts and souls and eyes so that we know no longer look at those who tell us the truth by giving back a spoken, "Huh?"


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