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I Am Potus
For Osip Mandelshtam


by Michael Doliner





(Swans - April 24, 2006)  
I am POTUS, the exalted,

The invisible, the distant,

The secure, the secret,

The unspeakable.

Deliverer of "freedom,"

Occupant of office,

Dealer of death,

Pulper of limbs,

Butcher of babies,

Spore of Madness.


I am POTUS, no one can escape me.

I see through walls,

Read thought,

Track through air.

I am omniscient. I am POTUS.


I am POTUS. I do what I will.

My goons blacken night.

My torturers embellish pain.

My terrorists traumatize the dead.

My lightning obscures God's.

I am omnipotent. I am POTUS.


I am POTUS. Ask no questions.

What I say is. What God made, I say.

My lies are your truth.

Dance to my lead.

Turn when I turn.

Ask no questions.


Obey me, I am POTUS, the immortal.

History will remember me:

Destroyer of worlds,

Exterminator of species,

Enemy of humankind,

Criminal scion of a criminal clan,

Gung-ho coward,

Phony cowboy,

Sinister clown,

Dry drunk,





Less than dust, you are nothing.

All I do is from fear of you.


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Michael Doliner has taught at Valparaiso University and Ithaca College. He lives with his family in Ithaca, N.Y.



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