Technical Credits


Give credit where credit is due.

"Non omnia possumus omnes."


Swans is grateful for the countless help the site has received over the years.



Olivier Coudert, Will Daley, Mark Gauthier, and Zoran Lazarevic, and more.

A special thanks to Sean M. Burke, a Perl wizard from Alaska, for having created our RSS in May 2006, and for hosting it on his server.



Get Firefox!  The Mozilla Foundation for Firefox, its top-notch Web browser.

Internet Content Rating Association  for labeling the site.

Meriam Webster  for its dictionary and thesaurus.

OverLIB JavaScript library  for Erik Bosrup's excellent JavaScript library.

Pair Networks  for hosting the site and offering solid technical support.

Pegasus Mail  for the very best E-mailer in the world.

World Wide Web Consortium  for its HTML and CSS validators.

Over the years, we have also used many resources such as the World Wide Web FAQ, the Introduction to HTML 3.2, as well as the HTML 3.2 reference, by Arnoud "Galactus" Engelfriet and company and the Bare Bones HTML 3.2 quickref. As of the early 2000s the site is maintained with 4.1 and CSS.

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Created: December 30, 1996
Last Updated: May 27, 2009