They're Building A Pipeline

by Scott Orlovsky

April 14, 2003


Syria lies between Iraq and Israel, at the critical crossroads of Saddam Hussein's northern Iraqi oil fields and Sharon's right wing Likud hardliners. The American right-wing three branches headed by the Bush/Cheney hardliners finance Israel to construct more weapons of mass destruction than the entire Middle East combined. And the American government has in the last decade vetoed numerous United Nations Security Council Resolutions that condemned the Israeli government of human rights abuses against the Palestinians. In the eyes of many Muslim people, the Christian and Jewish governments have declared war on the Muslim governments of the oil rich regions of the world as the natural resources of the planet rapidly disintegrate. And a pipeline from Mosul in Iraq, through Syria to the port of Haifa in Israel would circumvent the gulf to directly access the Mediterranean.

Secretary of State Colin Powell declared recently to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee that "Syria now faces a critical choice. Syria can continue to support terrorist groups and the dying regime of Saddam Hussein, or it can embark on a different and more hopeful course.... Syria bears the responsibility for its choices, and for the consequences."

Now the Bush/Cheney government, installed by the conservative-dominated Supreme Court against the majority voice of the people, wish to deny key allies France, Germany, and Russia any influence in the postwar corporate partition of Iraq. And they wish to extend the war on terror to undoubtedly liberate the Syrian people from another brutal dictator that the media will demonize until the masses cowardly accept his liquidation.

Hitler declared a war on terror after the Reichstag burned on February 27th, 1933. He liberated the Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland, as numerous suspicious Middle Eastern Jewish people lived in those mineral rich nations and undoubtedly had plots to terrorize the German homeland. An imperialist blitzkrieg almost incinerated civilization.

Shock and awe liberates Iraqis. The International Red Cross announced its horrification at the escalating numbers of civilian casualties. Middle Eastern Muslim people live in mineral rich nations and undoubtedly have plots to terrorize the American homeland. Is Syria next? Do they have weapons of mass destruction? Madeleine Albright argues that our military arsenal is so tremendously large, that we have to utilize its destructive power to both demonstrate American hegemony and clear out the inventory for newer models.

Will the Muslim world put aside political and cultural differences and unite? I shudder at the thought, because if the Sunni and Shiite governments and peoples of the Arab world launch a dedicated holy war against America and Israel the world would descend into war and terrorist holocaust by hi-tech armies, underground terrorist groups, and individual martyrs. Einstein proclaimed, "I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

Fear leads to Anger leads to Hatred leads to Violence leads to Genocide.

Martin Luther King, Jr. stated that "If an American is concerned only about his nation, he will not be concerned with the people of Asia, Africa, or South America. Is this not why nations engage in the madness of war without the slightest sense of penitence? Is this not why the murder of a citizen of your own nation is a crime, but the murder of citizens of another nation in time of war is an act of heroic virtue?" This civilly disobedient human of peace asserted that the greatest tragedies of history are not the voices of protest of the 'bad' people, but the appalling silence of the 'good' people.

Everything Hitler did was legal. And the holocaust was carried out by ordinary people who were just following orders. I hope, that if the time ever comes, Americans will make better decisions.

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Scott Orlovsky is a World History & Cultures, and an American History teacher at Clifton High School in New Jersey. He has a BA in History from the Johns Hopkins University and a MA in History from the University of Colorado. Orlovsky's writing has appeared in the Greenwich Village Gazette.

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Published April 14, 2003
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