Cuisine Américaine

A Poem by Sabina C. Becker


Forget French wine—
we are teetotallers.
All's we get drunk on these days
is power.
We don't eat French fries
unless we've renamed 'em "freedom."
We don't waffle
like no sissy Belgians,
with their whipped cream on everything—
we'll whip their cream but good.
Remember how we socked it
to those fucken Krauts,
fueled on Liberty Cabbage?
Now those ingrates are throwing it all back at us,
just as the hummus is about to hit the fan
in Turkey, Syria and Iran.
We fried up Baghdad like falafel
(we'll call it Liberty Cake.)
We used a lotta oil.
We really did it up brown.
Hope you brought your appetite,
we like to eat hearty
(everything's big in Texas.)
But of course, monsoor,
humble pie is not
on our menu.

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Sabina Becker is a poet and a writer who lives in Cobourg, Ontario with her computer, her books and her cats. In addition to her regular contributions to Swans, you can see more of her work at http://www.sabinabecker.com.

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Published April 28, 2003
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