What Will You Do?

by Michael W. Stowell

August 18, 2003


Now what will you do, America, all of you who consider yourselves Americans? Now that billions of people, all around the world, are subjugated, suffering, and dying to feed your pleasures and the pleasures of those who run your government, now that your government has pushed the human race to the point of self-emulation, just what do you intend to do about it?

Do you think you can replace George Bush? Do the rest of the world a favor, as well as yourselves, and send George Bush to a prison-rehab unit. Don't replace him with Howard Dean, either.

Dr. "Middle Mind" Dean would continue funding and political support for one of the most violent, repressive states in recent world history. When will you stop funding Israeli terrorists? Or are you Americans preparing yourselves for the "Armageddon" that your government is preparing for you and the rest of the world? Is the "Battle of Armageddon" an integral part of your state religion?

Howard Dean: "The President deserves praise for rallying the spirits of our people after September 11 and for some of the measures he and others in his Administration have taken since. I know they are sincere, and that they want what is best for our country and the world."

People in the Bush 'administration' knew of the 9/11 attack plans, Dr. Dean, and the Bush administrators have exploited the 9/11 tragedy at every vulgar opportunity they could contrive.

If George W. Bush is sincere about anything, other than pleasing his daddy and his daddy's friends, he's sincere about having a kick-ass good time doing it. What better life could a person like George Bush hope for? He gets all pumped up when they expound their hegemonic plans to liberate the entire human race from this earthly realm, but at the end of the day, he's glad to get drunk and watch football. Most of this world is too scared to laugh at this man; they don't realize he is a chump.

What will you do, Americans, will you elect Dennis Kucinich? Will you demand that his voice be heard, will you take your voices out into the streets and shout loud and clear, for all to hear, will you exercise your right of free speech? Now, America and Americans, will you put partisanship out of your minds and unite for the common good? Will you change the course of history?

Then what will you do, America, after you've elected President Kucinich; what will you do with those who've supported Bush and his tenders? What do you have in mind for those in Congress, and those in your courts? Show them the door? Escort them out?

And what will you do with the money that you no longer give to Israel? What will become of the death camps in Palestine, who will clean them up? Who will rebuild Palestine for the Palestinian people and their new Palestinian state?

What will you Americans do about the destitution that you left behind in that country your government disappeared, Yugoslavia? Can you afford all the reparations? How about some bread? Some bakeries? Some medicine? Some books?

Now what will you do, America, now that you've opened your borders and lifted the sanctions on Cuba? Will you invite the Cuban people to a celebration? Will you throw a great party in Washington D. C. and invite the whole country of Cuba, and provide safe passage?

When you Americans finally take charge of your government, I imagine you'll have plans for Cheney and Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and the rest. Don't forget about Poppy Bush, though, send him to a prison farm that has chickens to keep, it will be good therapy, for all of us.

I wonder what you Americans will do, after you take your government back, with all those military troops you have scattered about the world and all those weapons you keep and supply. Will you save the world from the weapons you own? Will you stop selling and giving away 'instruments' designed to bring death? What about your nuclear weapons; will you free the world of all weapons of mass death and destruction; will you lead all humanity to complete and total disarmament?

What will you do, America, about what has happened in Afghanistan? Now, look at that state of affairs. Your country's government has been operating there, illegally and covertly, for many years; so now, will you leave those people to their land and help them overcome the tyranny they have endured, at your government's behest, throughout all those years? Will you end your military support of the petroleum industry that has occupied their country and subjugated their interests?

After you Americans finally come to your senses, will you take personal responsibility for the havoc created by your gluttonous consumption of fossil fuels? Will you lead the world in development of alternative energy sources, of public transportation systems?

How will you deal, America, with the shame that is Iraq? Will you ask your 'allies' to go home and let the Iraqi people recover from the horrors of a tyrant that your government supported...from all the bombs and starvation and disease your government visited upon them because they couldn't remove him? Will you throw the Bush junta out of Iraq and let the U.N. facilitate peace?

Then what will you do, Americans, about the terrible things done in your name to the villagers and farmers of Viet Nam and Laos and Thailand and Cambodia. Will you spare the people of North Korea and open your heart to them?

What of those poor folks in the ghettos of Bogotá? Your government has funded the displacement and disappearance of happy farmers, for generations on their land, now urban refugees for the sake of 'financial interests.' Will you embrace the people of Latin America and put an end to economic oppression and the global agencies that create it?

What would you Americans have your President Kucinich do about the suffering and death in Africa? What will you do for the indigenous people of the continent you possess? What about your own poor and dispossessed?

Will you open your prison doors and release your political prisoners? Will you end the barbarity of capital punishment? Will you tear down your prison/industrial complex and start building some schools? Will you support an international court that has the authority to prosecute your leaders and military if they commit crimes?


You can do this America, but only you can do this. I would love to see people from around the world sending money to help you elect Dennis Kucinich, and I am sure they would if they could. However, if you do not have significant money to give, or even if you do, money is a small part of it when everyone takes the time to do what is necessary.

What will you do, America?

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Michael W. Stowell is a local activist in Northern California.

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Published August 18, 2003
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