Letters to the Editor

(October 6, 2003)


Regarding the Greens on Swans

To the Editor:

You people are so enamored with getting a progressive third party, that you are ignoring how Perot destroyed King George I -- he created a third party that siphoned off votes that normally would have gone Republican; he was the prime reason that Clinton was able to win. Hello!!!

Until Americans begin to understand how parliamentarian triangulation politics works they will never break the stranglehold of the two party system. It is my humble opinion that the Green Party appears to be only interested in the environment and against war, etc.; and this costs you. You have a loyal following, but it will never be strong enough to do anything but kill Democrats. Your best course of action is to create a serious permanent Green Party Veto Movement that can negotiate with the Democrats for your platform and threaten convincingly to have your people vote against them if they fail to deliver.

There is a growing disillusionment among veterans with the draft dodgers that are running this war. I would like to see a Veterans Movement that infiltrates the Libertarian Party before 2004 and uses this Party to challenge Bush and the Conservative credentials of Republican candidates. It would not be that hard as there are few Libertarians. This would clear the way for a (hold your nose) Democrat to take power.

All we need is a Rich guy to help us, who does not want to be Emperor... Any ideas?

Anthony A. Verrengia, B/Gen USAF Ret.
(38 years of enlisted and commissioned service in two wars)
Lago Vista, Texas, USA - September 26, 2003


Regarding sharing one's opinion

To the Editor:

Three Wishes: Grace, Mercy, Peace

As invited to do so, I share my opinion.

Daniel Miles
Weburn, Saskatchewan, Canada - September 13, 2003


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Published October 6, 2003
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