At The Banquet Of Humanity

A Poem by Jan Baughman


Off guard we were plunged into ice-cold soup
on September 11
A few of us drowned
the rest flailed and choked
panicked in the wake
of a wake-up call

When we surfaced for air the recipe of revenge
was already devised
The ingredients thrown in
churned nicely together
but we had no say
is was safer that way

Add a pinch of anthrax, a dash of fear
take away liberty
In the name of security
and justice for all
in the name of freedom
a bitter tasting freedom

We warmed in the soup as the rhetoric flared
the world must be free
Of this brand of evil
democracy will prevail
once Osama is hanged
if Osama is hanged

The soup became thick as the temperature rose
from blue to orange
But everything's fine
be a good sport
and go to the mall
we'll take care of it all

In a matter of time were scalding in war
the prescription for vengeance
Had quietly changed
to Gulf War Cuisine
à l'essence de Saddam
Osama was gone

As the soup boiled over we fled to dry ground
don't feed us with lies
And poison the world
from a menu of death
presented as truth
piquant in untruth

We take to the streets from New York to Madrid
and feed hungry souls
From a menu of peace
a taste of what's served
to those who would be
at the Banquet of Humanity

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Published February 17, 2003
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