Lies, Lies, Lies

by Gerard Donnelly Smith

December 1, 2003


When they ask: "for whom did you vote?"
I reply "the man in power," hoping to distract their attention
from the mosselotf coctail held behind my back.

When they stretch the razor wire around the city,
I silently begin passing out fence cutters,
while waving and smiling at the soldiers.

When they ask: "whose side are you on?"
I reply "only on your side," hoping to perduade them
not to disturb the anarchists meeting in the basement.

When they interrogate the usual suspects,
I pray that eyes do not betray the tonque,
while the body suffers in agnony.

When they ask: "do you believe in god?"
I reply "his name is always on my lips," showing them
the stigmata painted on my palms and on my soles.

When they nail me to the cross again,
I tell them I love them, that I forgive them,
and say that they do no know what they are doing.

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Gerard Donnelly Smith, a poet and musician, teaches creative writing, literature and composition at Clark College in Vancouver WA. CERRO de la ESTRELLA (Logan Elm Press, 1992) was chosen for The Governor's Award for the Arts in Ohio, 1992. Excerpts from THE AMERICAN CORPSE (10 poems) were published in Apex of the M in 1995. He is the current director of the Columbia Writers Series, an Honorary Board Member of The Mountain Writers Series, and co-advisor of the Native American Student Council at Clark College. He has also organized readings for Poets Against the War.

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Published December 1, 2003
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