Webster's and NATO

by Rick Rozoff

October 23, 2000



According to the Webster's Unabridged Dictionary:

oxymoron n. A figure of speech employing the juxtaposition of two normally contradictory words, as 'cruel kindness.'
hypocrisy n. The act or practice of simulating or feigning feelings or beliefs, esp. the false appearance of piety and virtue.
war crime n. A violation of international agreements or ethical standards concerning the conduct of war, esp. a crime against persons....


Humanitarian intervention
Humanitarian bombing
Humanitarian murder
Humanitarian cluster bomb
Humanitarian depleted uranium weapons
Humanitarian cruise missile
Humanitarian smart bomb
Humanitarian dumb bomb
Humanitarian sanctions
Humanitarian destruction
Humanitarian assassination
Humanitarian widow
Humanitarian orphan
Humanitarian infanticide
Humanitarian amputee
Humanitarian shell shock
Humanitarian toxins
Humanitarian ecocide
Humanitarian genocide


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Published October 23, 2000
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