Dear Mr. Nader

by Gilles d'Aymery

November 13, 2000



Don't get discouraged
It will bring disillusionment
Don't get disillusioned
It will bring bitterness
Don't get bitter
It will bring blindness
Don't get blinded
It will close your mind

Don't close your mind
This IS exactly what "they" want

Forget the deserters
Ignore the Judas
Discount the guard dogs
They are the losers

In spite of
The absence of funding
The treachery
The ignominious attacks
3,000,000 voters
Saw to it
That change was in the making

Let us rejoice
Let us redouble
Our efforts
You have 3,000,000 souls
To build upon

This is the road less traveled
The only road worth traveling
For us all


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Published November 13, 2000
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