An Apology - Dedicated to Milica
by Charles Buffalo

We are glad that Charles Buffalo has offered to contribute to SWANS. Buffalo is an American Indian of the proud Cherokee Nation. He's been an activist for American Indian rights for well over a decade.

These words are for the victims of the Aggressive Atrosities dealt by the hands of the pathetic madmen of the US/NATO alliance in their unrelenting campaign of conquest and greed.

Sadly, many of those whom I wish could hear these words are no longer among the living. They are longer seen playing with the other children in the streets and parks, no longer spending quiet evenings in conversation with neighbors. Perhaps some of the living will share these words at their graves so that their spirits might yet hear them.

Please understand that all of the people who are known as Americans are not like the barbarious savages who have turned your world to ruin. There are many who feel your pain and who curse the misery you have endured. They feel that the leaders of the US as well as NATO belong indicted by the World Tribunal Court for the Atrocities they are commiting. Many of them do speak out against these Atrosities, but their voices are not yet strong enough to be of much aid to you. They too, it seems, are a minority in this Holocaust.

It appears that the majority of those who are known as Americans are little more than dotting sheep. Quite content to listen to what ever their leaders or their media wish them to hear. Since their youth they have been taught that anything that is done by their Nation is good, blessed by God, all in the name of Humanity and the betterment of Mankind.

Americans are not taught to use the intellect, if any, that they are born with, most seemingly content that their brain serves as little more than a counter balance in their heads so that they might walk upright. I am sure that you question how this might be possible, but you are not from a country that does not encourage you to question, or seek truth, but only to listen to what you are told. Investigation or research for facts is unheard of, why should anyone doubt that they are being told anything but the truth?

To those who are no longer among the living, I can only offer apology that the words of the few here did not reach enough ears so that your lives might have been spared. In that respect, we have failed you.

And to those yet enduring the pain I ask your forgiveness for the same. Beyond that though, I ask that you also forgive those Americans ignorant to your plight, and more so, try to forgive those who know, but who lack the courage to speak out.

They have not had to experience the pains such as yours, and are still able find comfort in their sleep at night. Their children still run and play, and when they chose, they may still communicate with their neighbors as no cluster bombs have taken them from this life. They are lulled into slumber by that false sense of security that tells them they will never have to endure the pains you suffer, not the ground trembling lullaby that fills your nights. They believe that their little worlds will go on without disruption regardless of what happens to others. Remember too, their Government and their media tells them how loved they are throughout the world and how appreciative these People are for the actions their Government takes.

I ask that you try to take comfort in knowing that there are still a few of us on American soil, as well as the soil of other Nations, whose nights are restless also. Sleep does not come easily to us as we continue to try to find the words that will cause others to seek the truth and find the courage to speak out so that you may again have peace and enjoyment in your lives.

Published June 6, 1999
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