Two E-mails
Deserving Your Attention and Action

AA - Received on May 28, 1999

Greetings from Athens Greece

This matter is urgent! PLEASE read carefully

On Monday, May 3, 1999, Mr. Alexander Lykourezos sent, by courier, to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, a complaint against NATO s political and military leaders and responsible NATO personnel for war crimes perpetrated during the March 24th, to May 1st, 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia.

To support this move the lawyers team under the administration of Mr. Lykourezos had setup a site :

(to check the site owner goto and give )
( also check by phone LYKOUREZOS LAW OFFICES
TEL: (01) 3607913-4, 3603943-4, 3638031 u FAX: (01) 3607983 )

In this site people can Co-sign the complaint on-line also Webmaster can (and MUST) support the legal campain against NATO with banners etc.

This is not Just another Web campain ... this is a Legal campain made by lawyers that appeal directly Prosecutor Louise Arbour to act against NATO

Please follow the example of , (and many other high traffic sites) and PUT banner in your Home page

Your action could make a GREAT difference.

This is NOT a commercial call .... this is a call to try to SAVE Yugoslavia!!!

Take Care
Thank you

P.S: I act voluntarily after permission granted by the , to help in every legal way , in promoting their campain .

Stefanos Freris
tel: (+301)-9011581
tel: (+30932)-671283


BB - Received on May 29, 1999

Dear Sirs:

I hope that you can help me. Currently, I am helping a humanitarian effort to help people of Yugoslavia. Serbian Brother's Help is a registered Canadian charitable organization founded almost 50 years ago.

It has been helping people all over the world and has been cooperating with the International Red Cross. The evils of war in Yugoslavia and the

new suffering to which people of Yugoslavia are subjected require from The Serbian Brother's Help extended efforts to help those in need in Yugoslavia. S. B.H. has created a web site at:

and we are trying to reach people of good will that can help us in our humanitarian efforts. The presentation is in English but we are working to translate it into French and German (and perhaps, other languages). The presentation has its link on a number of sites in Canada, Serbia, Italy, Russia, USA, Greece...
We'll appreciate if you include our address in your links. The SBH logo and banner can be used to create the link and they are available to copy from the presentation.

Should you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me. I'll appreciate if you pass this message to anyone that, in your opinion, can put SBH link on it's page. Thank you in advance for your help.


Malisa Djokic

Published May 30, 1999
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