1998 Predictions
by Swans

Tell you what; lookin' deep into the crystal ball brings a strange feeling of déjà vu. As long as the stock market and the pension funds hold their value, seemingly unaffected by the chicken flu or the Asian debacle, we'll all be left with whether or not one should buy a Ford Expedition to drive the kids to school and back or whether total safety calls for a retrofitted Sherman tank (hold the air bags). Humming along in peace and prosperity, according to officialdom, a yawning citizenry sprawls its lethargy to infinite boredom. A season's come and gone without a whisper. Not even Newt can stir a hot debate these days. In such a climate of spewing indifference only psychics and pseudo-scientists should make predictions of love, money and doom. Everything else is free for the taking. So, here is our share:

And, of course, we will preserve Jesse Helms in mothballs until next year.

Published January 3, 1998
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