The New World Order Viewed From India
by Gilles d'Aymery

May 14, 1998

Here is a country that possesses the strongest conventional armed forces in the world. This same country detains the biggest stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world. Its Senate has yet to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Officials of its government openly admit that they, and their military leadership, have no intention to completely destroy their nuclear arsenal. They also conveniently closed their eyes before the continued development of China's nuclear capabilities and the transfer of nuclear technology from China to Pakistan. The same country has no quarrel with its friend and ally, Israel, to maintain its own nuclear capabilities built essentially thanks to a transfer of technology from its own shores.

As the only so-called superpower it intends to lead the world in the name of its own national interests and security. Its views are based on two simple axioms: what is good for its interests is good for the world and its leaders consider that they have been ordained by their god to become the forces of good against evil, light against darkness. Accordingly, it never hesitates to use its economic and military power to bring the rest of the world to its views.

India understands these facts and is fully aware of the forthcoming sanctions. It will not undermine the decision to look after its own national interest and security. Just for the record, India wants to reiterate its call for complete destruction of all nuclear weapons.


India expresses its good wishes to the people of that great country.

India hopes that its nuclear tests did not disrupt their prime time TV shows and that they will enjoy the last episode of Seinfeld tonight.

Published May 14, 1998
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