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Letters to the Editor

(June 16, 2014)


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Celebrating Florence Shay: Raju Peddada's The My Florence Exhibit

To the Editor:

I wish to thank Raj Peddada for his touching and perceptive review of my six-month show of pictures from my 67-year marriage. Peddada, in his own sapient Indian way, circles the wagons I set out on the walls of the Museum of Contemporary Photography and punctuates my pictures with bits of fire from his sympathetic heart. More than any other positive reviewer, he sets down his pleasant wallow amongst my images as an ongoing emotional experience.

His technique brings to mind one of my friend and novelist Nelson Algren's favorite borrowed images -- Edvard Grieg's "Ase's Death." Early in his life Nelson realized that Grieg had it right. His hero's journey through living was paved with the knowledge that the trick was to get through the rushing stream of life dry-shod. To stay dry in the opprobrious wetness of the unforgiving world. A strategy that neither Grieg nor Nelson, nor for that matter, I, could ever accomplish. Even if we wanted to.

You are to be complimented for sharing Raj's words with your readers, many of whom used to be my readers. Speaking of whom, more than 150,000 "likes" were registered when a precis of the exhibit, as adumbrated in Chicago Magazine, appeared.

There was only one vote of disapproval -- by a relative who didn't bother seeing the exhibit, but opined that I hadn't made "My Florence" the center of my story. 150,000-1 isn't a bad ratio. Several siblings of his have praised my exactly centering the story of my marriage on my fantastic Florence. Comes winter and Seven Stories Press in New York will be publishing the exhibit as a book, so friends, foes, fans, and critics will be able to rush or stumble to their own judgments.

Art Shay
Deerfield, Illinois, USA - June 1, 2014


Remembering Charles Marowitz

To the Editor:

We were much saddened by the recent death of Charles Marowitz, and plan a tribute to him in our next issue, to which his long-time UK collaborator Thelma Holt will be writing an introduction. If possible we would like to include three of his last pieces for Swans, on Stanislavsky, Lenny Bruce, and Jan Kott.

I understand that copyright for print publication is held by your authors, and I am writing to his partner Jane regarding permission, though we would naturally include a credit to yourselves. The only e-mail I have is Charles's own (winomar@mac.com) but I am uncertain whether this would reach Jane. I would much appreciate it if you know of any more direct way of contacting her.

With thanks for your help (and congratulations on your splendid enterprise).

All best,

Simon Trussler Co-Editor, New Theatre Quarterly
Deal, Kent CT14 8ES, UK

[Ed. Sure, go ahead. Please credit Swans. Thank you for asking.]


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Published June 16, 2014
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