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by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry





Pic: "Luci 4" - © 2010 by Nicola Spacca - Size: 10k
Luci 4
© 2010 Nicola Spacca



(Swans - June 2, 2014)  

few steps
are a lifetime
of mistakes and aches,
short walk
before a dark-enchantment
where you cannot run away,
a escuridão da qual não
pode escapar;

yet, every day
the calm of the morning
calma de la mañana
looks identical, innocent,
without blame or time,
it is a silence, il silenzio
(tò pròi ìne ì pìisi tìs siopìs,
morning = poem of silence)
of an undefined world
receding from my hands,
while i try to feed
its impalpable substance
(yes, ìne ì mì-psilafitòn usìa)

i also love the glass fragments
of our broken world
del mundo devastado,
i love the rap songs filled
with ancient verses,
the chatter of people
like poems of humanity!
it remains only that,
let us welcome it,
then you'll hear only
"kol demamah dakkah"
a slight whisper of divine silence and you too would cover your face



Modern Greek translation by Irene Parisi and Pierluigi Ferraro.

picture: Luci 4 by Nicola Spacca (2010).


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