Ode to Bob Dole
(Sung to the Tune of "America the Beautiful")
by Jan Baughman

O beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain.
For purple mountain majesties
We've watched the Dole campaign.
O Veritas, O Veritas, God blessed his poles on thee
And crowned his good on Clintonhood
to end the Century.

O brutiful with specious lies and ample waves of pain.
Through cursive words His Majesty
Bob Dole let loose the rein.
O Rhetoric, O Rhetoric, debates were full of thee
And fortitude, retortitude
Are stuff of history.

O dutiful with waving flags, with anger and disdain.
Through purple mountain majesties
He waged his last campaign.
America, America, Bob etched his face on thee
And drowned for good in Clintonhood
from sea to shining sea.

Published October 23, 1996
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