Ciao Bobby
by Gilles d'Aymery

November 06, 1996

If one had voted according to the candidates' concession or victory speech, Bob Dole would be our next president and Clinton would drink pineapple juice to clean his wordy mouth!

Even David Brinkley lost his sense of humor asserting that Willie had no creativeness, that he "has always been a bore and will always be a bore".

Listening to the Arkansan folk singing his lengthy tune, the courteous and gracious loser, Bob Dole, suddenly appeared quite presidential to this writer.

Oh well, a dollar short and a moment too late!

Remains that Bobby should have stuck to his socially moderate convictions instead of jumping on the bandwagon of the far right. It's a tough job to sell character when one perpetually vacillates on most issues, from tax cuts to abortion and affirmative action.

So, our gracious fruit cake is back to Kansas and we are left with a farcical navel at the helm for another four years.

Thinking of it, the Peace and Freedom Party, on the ballot in California only, had the most credible platform. But, who ever said that politics was about credibility?

Of course, any Wednesday morning quarterback can call the right plays!

On to the twenty-first century...

Published November 06, 1996
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