Essence of a Child's Mind
by Frank Wycoff

I embarked on a journey, 
to a new way of feeling life, 
so very long over due. 
You see I did not like the way I was, 
seeing my old world, 
I was losing touch with its beauty and wonder, 
seeing only more tomorrows.
Frustrated by the excuses, 
why it cannot be,
the way it was so long ago, 
for me and all my world. 
So tired of putting up wall's, 
feeling the need to just escape.

Feeling inside me now, 
wanting to be found, 
is the essence of a way, 
that as a child, 
I felt the world complete, 
full of only today's.

So here's what I have done so far, 
quit the smoking and the drinking, 
nothing to dull the senses,
or to warp the smile, 
I want only to see clearly, 
what's left of the child within, 
if nothing, 
then from children, 
lessons will be taken.

I would like to leave tomorrow, 
out of everything I do today,  
try to reach a dream with more than something else to say. 
But mostly I would like to see the world again, 
with curiosity,
and a boundless imagining.

Tonight would be a good night, 
for a game of kick the can. 
Wish me luck. 

Published September 17, 1996 and May 26, 1998
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