by Frank Wycoff

Last week while moving some furniture, I came upon a quarter, lucky me, worthy of no more of a thought, past putting it in my pocket. That was until on my familiar walk to the little neighborhood store, I found another, and a flood of memories came back to me, hidden away for some forty years. That quarter so many years ago, was a king's ransom to this person, worth a handful of candy, that would last all day and maybe the next. One could renew friendships gone sour, get on the best team when playing a game, trade for something wanted, worth more than the price of the candy. All this and much more came back to me after finding that quarter on the side of the road, picking it up and walking on to the store, with my shorts a little heavier and closer to the ground.

As I walked back, I thought of the many children in my neighborhood who walk along the same path as I and put the quarter back where I found it, left another not far away, inflation you know. I can envision another child finding it (them) and using the found treasure on such things that help one through the long summer, by flooding the imagination, with dreams and possibilities.

Published September 09, 1996
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