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(August 12, 2013)


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Privacy, if it still exists

To the Editor:

There is something positive to be said about Swans. People of different views are allowed to express their opinions, which is a rare occurrence on the Web. On the Snowden affair it is obvious to this reader that Mr. García and Mr. d'Aymery do not see eye to eye. The former supports wholeheartedly the courage of Mr. Snowden and wants to alert us about the dangers this NSA operation is causing to our Constitution. Mr. d'Aymery is more skeptical. The information divulged by Mr. Snowden was already known to whoever cared to do minimal research; we are in a new technological age; privacy does not exist anymore and the young generations could care less. Even would-be-NY-mayor Anthony Weiner puts his genitals on the Web! Mr. d'Aymery then suggests that the Bill of Rights should be reviewed in light of modern times.

Mr. García is correct. Mr. d'Aymery is not.

America is fast approaching a system that will control absolutely everything we do -- absolutely everything. No need to call such a system fascism or totalitarism. Simply call it americanism. When the attorney general of the USA feels the need to write to his Russian alter ego that if Mr. Snowden were to be sent back to the USA he would not be tortured or subjected to the death penalty tells you loud and clear what the country has become. We do torture and we do put people to death. To watch Mr. Obama canceling his Moscow meeting with President Putin because of the Snowden imbroglio he -- Mr. Obama -- created in the first place is shameful. Sadly, the man is becoming a joke (with all due respect). The entire world is watching a country that is going down the drain. Mr. Putin is a chess player, a martial arts expert, and a smart man. Mr. Obama has a glorious smile but he is way over his head.

Mr. García rings a bell that all Americans should listen to.


Darrell Johnson
Tempe, Arizona, USA - August 8, 2013


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Published August 12, 2013
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