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A Ballad For Baha Mousa


by Peter Byrne





[ed. This is a follow-up to Peter Byrne's Death of the "Fat Bastard"]


(Swans - August 29, 2011)  

All weep for Baha Mousa

His wife was dead at twenty-two

Weep for Baha Mousa

His two boys couldn't see why

Easy to weep for Baha Mousa

Weep then weep for Baha Mousa

His face above the hotel desk

Sadder, sadder than the clock's

Who wouldn't weep for Baha Mousa?

His twenty-sixth and final year

Then came the soldiers of the Queen

Knees pumping anger and command

You had better weep for Baha Mousa

His head thrice hooded

Smeared with blood

Weep then weep for Baha Mousa

Crumpled by the wall

So hurry weep for Baha Mousa

The Queen's men struck

They raised a boot

Too late to weep for Baha Mousa

Warm but dead on the Queen's floor

Who wouldn't marvel at the count?

Ninety-three holes in Baha Mousa

Now weep him out of my head

Weep Baha Mousa out of my head


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