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Perspectives: A Review of 2011


We All Are Migrants
Research: Gabriele Caruso and Serena Caprì (Erri De Luca), Alessio Salitore (Pietro Barbera), Alessandro Fricano (Ralph Ellison), Valeria Greco (Mohamed Akalay)


by Guido Monte & his students


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "dispersi in trappola" - © 2011 by Pippo Zimmardi - Size: 14k
dispersi in trappola
© 2011 Pippo Zimmardi



da sempre vaga
ignara della meta,
it is still wandering,
unaware of an aim,
our humanity.

—Simona Gioè
(Swans - December 19, 2011)  

our country is a boat, an opened shell
let down from fired uplands by wars, not by the sun

and if we all are one only living being, we all are migrants
along the path they shed
blood marks, hidden by waters, absorbed by clouds
dissolved beside a red sun

and if we all are one only living being, we all are migrants
"i am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me...
heartbroken, i lose memory of dignity"
and if we all are one only living being, we all are migrants



Comment by Francesca Saieva: Que naus partiram, para onde? (Pessoa) En un instant le vide comble de distance la peau qui change de couleur. Déjà une ombre n'est qu'un corps muet... mais au bout du voyage pésera-t-il encore sur la balance de la vie?

Collage: dispersi in trappola, by Pippo Zimmardi (2011). Zimmardi teaches philosophy at the Liceo G.Meli in Palermo. He took a picture of boat people off the Web and created the collage to show the human entrapment in the nuthouse of our materialistic society.


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