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S. Dello Russo, G. Monte, F. Saieva


by Guido Monte & Silvia Dello Russo


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "Yehudi & Gin" - © 2011 by Perle Deutsch Shadpour - Size: 10k
Yehudi & Gin
© 2011 Perle Deutsch Shadpour



(Swans - December 5, 2011)  

Je suis montée sur le missile de la parole
at lightspeed
Et la neige tombait à la fenêtre
Und in meinem Wandern durch
dunkle Wege kam, on my way
De très haut je regarde I can see
la Soglia the Line
Que ma douleur avait pétrifiée
ich kam zu meinem Haus
meiner Sprache d'infinite parole
of endless words

and all night without darkness,
of closed voices of silence
talking about you,
no weight in the wind, noontide
and here are roots of everything
here are hands of Yehudi and Gin,
here are lives of creatures

men, bridges, ropes,
stretched ropes...
you live on the overcoming,
on the crossing,

before your real life,
and naked flesh
can revive at the end,
and our perpetual beginning
is yesterday, today, tomorrow
como as infinitas vidas das cales
de súbito se quitan
para abrazar rápido a outras



The last three verses are translated into Galitian by Paula Iglesias Garcia.

Silvia Dello Russo was born in Parma, in 1974. In 1995 she left for Germany, Halle an der Saale, at the "Martin Luther Universitaet," where she focused her studies on germanistic in terms of etymology, metric stylistic poetry, and glottology. In 1997 she started an innovative study on mitteleuropean languages at the University College of London, especially on a translation of the etymlanguage of Arno Schmidt in Zettels Traum.

Picture: Yehudi & Gin by Perle Deutsch Shadpour (2011). The day Perle took this picture of her son, Yehudi Bernard Azizollah Gilles Shadpour turned 48 days old. Yehudi lovingly grabs the hand of his grandmother, Gin Deutsch, Perle's mother.


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