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Tartar Legend
In Memory of Dino Buzzati


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Translation by Vitalba Scibilia (English) and Francesca Saieva (French)

Pic: "caravanserai" - © 2010 by Guido Monte - Size: 10k
© 2010 Guido Monte



(Swans - November 7, 2011)  

après le gel des souffrances voilà l'univers,
le lieu où la longue attente commence,
the universe is the place where now,
after the frost and punishments,
a long awaiting starts.
my journey has no way back;
c'est la glace que je ne veux plus regarder.

i am the prototype of human beings,
of men-women who are going
towards the predestined judgment,
le prototype d'une humanité d'hommes et de femmes
condamnés par la destinée,
and abandoning the mother of the sleep
against the time escape.
an ancient place,
waste and void, dark walls
in the yellow line of a prison
where i am expecting the great incident
which will redeem my existence,
qui va racheter mon existence.

the sound of a clog, and my past shadow
seriously stares at me, before shaking hands.
i am about to become the shadow of someone else,
me too, and i will get to him exactly the same.
and now my shadow is chatting about this and that...
old dead frontiers,
vaste désert tartare incompréhensible,
the tartar legend. après la forteresse, le vide;
les corbeaux au-dessus de sommets élevés,
devant le désert de pierre du pays du Nord.
after the prison is the emptiness of crows
in front of high mountains faraway,
the desert of stones in the kingdom of nothing.

no one has entered that nothing.

no solitude is enough,
i feel abandoned by the entire world,
while some water drops
are keeping me company.
the tank is not working, a water drop
stops me from running into the sleep,
ensuite je vois un cheval, le long
de la route blanche.

je m'endors.



picture: caravanserai by Guido Monte (2010).

To learn more about Dino Buzzati, the author of the famous novel Il deserto dei Tartari ("The Tartar Steppe"), see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dino_Buzzati


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