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Usual Apocalypse of a TV Technician (unfinished)


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Translated into English by Silvia Dello Russo

Pic: "l'occhio" - © 2011 by Guido Monte - Size: 14k
© 2011 Guido Monte



(Swans - October 10, 2011)  

l'image-épiphanie du monde
that nothingness (to confuse the human beings
on what's happening) shows me on any TV screen
as permanent witness of our times...
estan marcados, todos los que miran
la pantalla, por la marca de la confusión.
le néant sans commencement et sans fin
nous assiège et emprisonne,
y dice no a la vida.

me, ennio, TV technician
i am held on an overcrowded island
called Sicily, because of my karma
y del testimonio de algunos politicos.
and suddenly i have felt on my shoulders
a whisper indeed coming from the TV screen
who says
look and remember what you're going to see
i turn back and see
the secret leader of the world states, short
black dyed hair
los ojos cansados y apagados,
but the voice still powerful

from his mouth are coming out tanks,
knives to cut arms and legs,
radioactive waste, ministerial decrees...
i feel like i'm going to die
and he says to me: here i'm the nothingness,
la morte, l'anéantissement de toute chose, the death...
ennio you have served me
and now you are in prison to testify me...
you have served my idols you too
just to get you on your own...
you have been vomited from your own truth,
but now i'm opening you a door
at least in order to let you know, only to you
what's really happening.
considera esta visión un regalo, a present
as that strange sickness
as that desperate vanity
that 'one feels on his verge of death
or when 'one has to see to die.

and i see the door on the screen, and behind the door
the world leader and 24 sitting ministers
everyone with golden mobiles. and next to them
seven projectors connected to a PC, and i'm looking
forward to know the content of those projections.
and while the ministers kneel to adore the screens,
the computer switches the first screen on
and i see an aircraft containing
all the earth viruses, those able to give the death
in an only instant to all the living creatures and human beings.
from the second projector I see the blood
of those who have to die,
because of the virus of the viruses, the worst of them all.
it was an ancient laboratory virus
and the number of the deaths is increasing on the board,
second by second, and from the third projector
la lune rougit de sang, since the earthquake
of the last world nuclear test,
underneath the earth, explodes
infecting any surfaces, any hydric source of the earth;
neither leaders nor slaves can drink pure water,
and the sea becomes a mud pond, it's a dies irae
no more trees, and 4 ministers mark the edge of all world slaves
for they remember before dying
that this is the beginning of their ending painful
tribulation, the earth is scorched by the sea
by the stinking hail heavy and muddy...



The author thanks Francesca Saieva (French translation) and Olga Milazzo (Spanish translation).

picture: l'occhio by Guido Monte (2011).


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