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Creative hints: vade mecum


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "colores para crear mundos!" - © 2011 by Olga Milazzo - Size: 14k
colores para crear mundos!
© 2011 Olga Milazzo



(Swans - August 29, 2011)  

1.  perceive the unity of all (also of all branches of human knowledge)

2.  understand the human frailty and impermanence (anitya), in front of the state of the "ruah anavim," the helplessness

3.  give prominence to what is peripheral, marginal, forgotten, the dregs, what is of madmen and disabled persons, of old and ill people (because the marginal is the real "centre")

4.  feel the blending of everything, also of languages, of disparate verses and words, tambien en las lenguas, tambien en los versos, dans les langues et dans les vers aussi

5.  if only one book is written, blend together, in one poetical composition, verses and dicta of various authors, versos y dichos, des vers et des proverbes de varios autores

6.  use little block-notes, draw little drafts (also coloured); take notes of your sudden thoughts on little slips of paper, prendre des notes "sans forme," hints coming up at once before falling asleep, cojer apuntes sin forma, rapidamente antes del sueño, avant le sommeil

7.  remember the eyes of a beast, los ojos de un perro, les yeux d'un chat, and the apocatastasis, and feel compassion for everything (c'est ça le seul sens qui reste, maintenant que tout sens s'évanouit à jamais dans le brouillard)

8.  along far myths and tales, search for the common universal archetypes of all living beings, todos los seres, de tous les êtres vivants

9.  walk along waste and deserted autumn beaches (of lakes or oceans), turn over the pages of old photos, of old memories, mirar fotos de recuerdos viejos, effeuiller des photos de vieux souvenirs

10.  contemplate the primordial life creation, reminding that vision on the earth landscapes (but this evening, tout près de la fenêtre, je regarde only les dernières étoiles)



Translations: Francesca Saieva (French), Olga Milazzo (Spanish).

The author thanks Giusy Chirco.

picture: colores para crear mundos! by Olga Milazzo (2011).


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