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Promised Land
Genesis, Black Elk, C. Magris, C. Giovannoni, Dante, G. Monte


by Claudine Giovannoni & Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry



Pic: "far from where?" - © 2011 Guido Monte - Size: 6k
far from where?
© 2011 Guido Monte



(Swans - May 23, 2011)  

And there was the human above absurdity
Along ages and behind understanding...

And Dante: "Halfway along our life's path,
nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita"
Guided across the Acheron by Charon
through the limbo of the Unknown...
Where was the Polar Star,
showing the right path to follow?
Comme les navigateurs de l'Antiquité
dans la nuit, deep into the night
Navigators of the Past reaching
for the present of memories gone...
This far is your Home
où défile l'oubli de la Terre promise?
How can you find answers
if nobody can ever ask
the right questions...

If I close my eyes I see
je regarde avec les mains
qui touchent le désespoir
agony over the sea
where death embraces life.

can you tell me where
my country lies?

well, every land can be the centre
of the world,
black elk said,
black elk,
scrittore analfabeta
deep illiterate writer

far, but far from where?
lontano da dove

(archetypal words-roots
from our brother claudio)
and leaves and seashells
from death-boats



Comment by Francesca Saieva: De l'autre côté les habitants du Rêve (A. Kubin) cherchent leur demeure. Au-delà du rideau, un passage et, déjá, je me brise en morceaux qui flottent répandus (C. Magris). Et les oublis d'une Promesse sont suspendus dans une terre désolée, en attendant le vent sur les pas, "sans aucun Charon passeur" (C. Magris). Là-bas, de l'autre côté, la nature paraît silencieuse, pendant que les mains avides fouillent dans leur malle un tas de costumes usés le long du Chemin. Maintenant les yeux comprennent: il est peut-être temps de revenir. Mais Loin d'où? (C. Magris)

Claudine Giovannoni calls herself a "World citizen." Crossing the boundaries of the Earth, Water, and Air, she lives experiences that touch her soul bringing her to publish her writings. Her novels are in Italian: Il Kumihimo del Sole, 2005 - Nebbie nella Brughiera, 2007 - Il Cristallo della Pace, 2010 (Seneca Edizioni, Torino). She is a dreamer and an idealist, and lives in Switzerland, where she shares with her family the love for Nature with the greatest respect and veneration.

Picture: far from where? by Guido Monte (2011).


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