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bible alphabet
verses on symbolical images from the meanings of the old Aramaic alphabetical letters


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


Translation by Egle Briulotta

Pic: "old letters" - © 2010 by Guido Monte - Size: 9k
old letters
© 2010 by Guido Monte



(Swans - February 14, 2011)  

in the beginning was the beginning, alath
air, water, fire (in short, an ox.)
then came the true beginning of all: the house,
beit, the word grazes again my lips.
from the house came out a camel,
on monday,
the camel came out of a door
but no one knows who did it.
then it turned out a breath, pneuma
maybe it was march...
on the contrary in april came out a hook,
and was pretty straight, for hanging.
then they saw a wheezing weapon, a knife
or a word, as they said later.
the weapon was thrown into a closed space,
and it was cold.
from a jar came out a snake,
or from a hand;
the hand was small,
you could not see well.
in the palm you could see the clouds,
and a cup in the sign of the moon;
opposite there was a pointed tower,
and a foul that penetrated into the vagina.
then the underground river began to scroll through,
sign of mother and death together, mim.
the son was a butler fish
entering into the sea,
an empty line in sleep
and a bow shooting an arrow,
an ear hearing confusing sounds,
the eye could see and nothing else.
mouth instead saying words
and showing a white tooth
and ladder of the new year of trees,
where it all ends,
and a cut on neck
beyond buildings, seas and doors.
then another curved old man
with a lantern, waiting;
and a final whistle,
the last stroke of the bow
before you see the fingerprints
of past lives, it was the last letter, taw.



Egle Briulotta attends the Liceo Ginnasio Statale "G. Meli" of Palermo (Sicily), and sometimes helps Guido Monte to search for poetic words on the only Book ever written.

Picture: old letters by Guido Monte (2010).


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