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atharva veda (time of dreams)


by Guido Monte


Multilingual Poetry


translated by Felicia Modica (into English),
Francesca Saieva (into French),
and Paula Iglesias Garcia (into Galitian)

Pic: "Fragile" - © 2010 by Silvia Spacca - Size: 13k
© 2010 by Silvia Spacca



(Swans - January 31, 2011)  

c'était autrefois un temps de rêves
time of dreams
dum medium silentium tenent omnia
and silence in everything

(tandis que aujourd'hui devant la glace
je contemple la bouche muette,
les yeux aveugles, unha boca sen respiro,
ollos sen visións, a breathless mouth,
blinded eyes,
les oreilles sourdes
vers les végétations submergées du néant)
tremendum, fascinosum dans les ténèbres
je voyais la mer de cristal s'ouvrir au-delà
des bêtes de pourpre, et de leurs langues
sur les cinq mers, et alors que le soleil
se couchait, en ce moment là, je me protégeait
entre les petites flammes des astres.
tras as tebras vía abrirse o mar de cristal,
mentres o sol durmía baixo terra
and the sun dreaming under the earth...
"ekam iyoti bahudha vibhati
lone light seems multiform
se montre multiforme"

en renaissant, sybille disait, et encore
une fois le lierre sous l'acanthe;
tout revenait à la vie et vibrait d'orgasme:
les terres, les mers profondes, les cieux infinis
lands, deep oceans, endless skies.



once upon a time was a dreaming time dum medium silentium tenent omnia (while today on the mirror i contemplate a breathless mouth, blinded eyes, deaf ears, in front of vegetations surrounded by nowhere). tremendum, fascinosum among the darkness i saw a crystal sea opening to me, overcoming the purple beasts with their tongues on the five waters, and i felt like preserved amidst the aster's flames, while the sun was resting beneath the earth. "ekam iyoti bahuda vibhati, lonely light shows itself versatile" said sibyl back to life, ivy again slipped by acanthus, everything reborn spontaneous and vibrated for orgasm in earth, lands, deep seas, endless skies.

Picture: Fragile by Silvia Spacca (2010).


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